• The National Private Pilot Licence (NPPL) is available for microlights and other non-EASA aircraft:

    • vintage aircraft
    • permit-to-fly aircraft
    • kit-built aircraft

    The NPPL can only be used on UK-registered aircraft inside UK airspace, unless you have an agreement with the aviation authorities in another country which will allow you to fly in that country's airspace.

    You can add class ratings to the NPPL to allow you to fly microlights, self-launching motorgliders (SLMGs) and simple single-engine aeroplanes (SSEAs).

    Your NPPL does not require a language proficiency test, however to operate radio telephony equipment you must hold a Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence.

    Full details of requirements for the NPPL are available in the CAA publication CAP 804, Part I, Section 5.

    From 8 April 2018 you will only be able to fly UK Annex II non EASA aircraft using your NPPL, subject to holding the minimum level of medical required and a valid rating.

    To enable you to fly EASA certified aircraft you will need to convert to a minimum of Part FCL LAPL (A).  Additionally you will need to meet the medical and recency requirements for the LAPL(A).

    To take advantage of our conversion terms to convert to a LAPL(A) your NPPL SSEA or SLMG must have been issued by the UK CAA on or before 7 April 2018.

    It is not possible to convert a microlight as there is no EASA equivalent.

    Differences training - microlights

    Details of when differences training may be required when a pilot wants to fly a microlight aeroplane are available on our Microlights page.