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UK-EU Transition

References to EU regulation or EU websites in our guidance will not be an accurate description of your obligations or rights under UK law.

Apply for a Class 2 medical certificate

To apply for a Class 2 medical certificate, you need to have a medical examination by an Aeromedical Examiner (AME). If you meet the medical requirements the AME will issue your certificate.

To book your examination, you need to make an appointment directly with an AME. Use our AME search to find one near you.

An AME is a specially qualified doctor certificated to issue EU medical certificates to pilots.

Only one EU medical certificate can be held at a time and you can only apply for a licence from the aviation authority in the state that holds your medical records.

Medical history

If you are aware of any personal or family medical history you should mention it when you book your AME appointment. Your AME will then be able to tell you whether you will need to bring along any additional information or reports to the appointment.

Download our flow chart: Guidance for Applicants for Initial Medical Certificates in the UK (PDF)

What to take to your AME appointment

If you wear glasses or contact lenses you will need to take them and your most recent optician’s report along to the examination.

You will be asked to provide a sample of urine, so ideally you should arrive at the examination with a full bladder.

Your AME will be able to help you with any additional individual preparations you need to make before your appointment.

What to expect at your examination

At the examination you will need to complete the medical certificate application form. This is a signed declaration containing the following:

  • Facts about your medical history, including family history
  • Whether you have had a medical examination before, by whom and the result
  • Whether you have ever been assessed as unfit or had a medical certificate suspended or revoked

Your AME may ask you to complete the form in advance of your appointment.

Download a blank medical certificate application form (PDF)

A medical examination with an AME may take several hours. The examination will include some or all of the following:

  • Medical history
  • Eyesight
  • Physical examination
  • Hearing
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Lung function test
  • Urine test

More detailed information on the examination

Certificate issue

A medical certificate can be issued by your AME on the same day as the examination if all the requirements are met. If the requirements are not met or further investigations are necessary then a decision on your fitness for a medical certificate will take longer.

Validity period

How long a Class 2 medical certificate is valid for depends on what age you are when you are examined.

If you are under 40, the certificate will be valid for 60 months. Please note that if you are issued with a class 2 medical before you reach 40, it will no longer be valid once you reach 42 years of age.

If you are aged between 40 and 50 the certificate will be valid for 24 months. Please note that if you are issued with a class 2 medical before you reach 50, it will no longer be valid once you reach 51 years of age.

If you are aged 50 or over the certificate will be valid for 12 months.

Download our full medical certificate validity table (PDF)

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