• These requirements apply to all LAPL licences.

    Minimum age to hold a LAPL

    The minimum age to get a licence for an aeroplane or helicopter is 17.

    For sailplanes and balloons, the minimum age is 16.

    Training requirements

    Training without an existing licence

    Before applying for a LAPL you must complete a training course at an approved training organisation (ATO), including theoretical knowledge and flight instruction.

    If you hold or have held a licence in the same aircraft category

    If you have a relevant current rating on a licence in the same category of aircraft and are applying for a LAPL you will not have to do any additional training or skill tests.

    If your rating has lapsed you will need to complete the LAPL skill test.

    Theoretical knowledge examinations

    As part of the application for a LAPL, exams will need to be taken and passed in the following subject areas:

    Common subjects:

    • Air law
    • Human performance
    • Meteorology
    • Communications

    Exams specific to the aircraft category:

    • Principles of flight
    • Operational procedures
    • Flight performance and planning
    • Aircraft general knowledge
    • Navigation

    Theoretical knowledge credit when applying for a LAPL in another aircraft

    If you are applying for a LAPL in a category of aircraft you don’t already hold the privileges to fly, you will be credited for the common subjects but not the category specific ones. These will need to be taken and passed for the aircraft category.

    Validity of passed theoretical knowledge exams

    If you successfully pass the theoretical exams for the issue of a light aircraft pilot licence they will be valid for 24 months, within which time you must complete the skill test, otherwise they will lapse and you’ll have to retake them.

    Skill test

    At the end of your training you will need to take a skill test in the relative aircraft type with an examiner. This is to demonstrate that while acting as pilot in command (PIC) you can competently carry out the procedures and manoeuvres that you have been taught during your training.

    Additional ratings

    Licence privileges will be restricted to the class or type of aircraft used for the skill test.

    However, you can extend your LAPL privileges if you are endorsed to do so by an examiner, similar to applying for ratings on other licence types.

    Details of the requirements for extensions to LAPL licence privileges can be found in the section relevant to the aircraft category you wish to apply for.

    Your LAPL does not require a language proficiency test, however to operate radio telephony equipment you must hold a Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence.

    Additional requirements for different categories of LAPL

    The LAPL is available across different categories of aircraft. Each category LAPL has specific requirements in addition to those set out above. These requirements are detailed on the individual pages for each licence:

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    For Flight Crew Regulations please refer to the consolidated version Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011.

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