• You may be asked by your employer or another national aviation authority to confirm your licence details issued by the UK CAA.
    In such circumstances a verification is issued to confirm the licence details held by the authority. 

    Please note: only ICAO compliant licences can be verified. 

    How to apply for a licence verification

    To request a verification of a licence issued by the UK CAA please complete the online form SRG 1160.

    What documents to submit 

    When applying for a verification online, you will not be asked to upload any documents. 
    You will be asked to provide the details of the national aviation authority (NAA) or the organisations that require the verification. 

    The fee

    A payment is required before you are able to submit the application form. The fee will depend on how many parties need to receive a verification of your licence details. A fee is payable for each NAA or organisation that require verification.

    Please see licence fees and costs section for more information. 

    Getting your licence verified 

    The licence verification process is divided into four stages.

    Stage 1

    You submit your application and we will process your request within our current turnaround times which is usually 10 working days of receipt of a complete application. 

    Stage 2 

    You will then need to contact the NAA/company/airline who require your verification to let them know you have submitted your application to the UK CAA.

    Stage 3

    The NAA/company/airline who require your verification must contact the UK CAA directly by email to pldverifications@caa.co.uk  in order to request the verification. 

    Stage 4

    We will then process the request and provide the verification directly to the NAA/company/airline
    in accordance with our current turnaround times. 

    Please note - For security and to help prevent fraud the CAA will only verify your licence details directly to the NAA/company/airlines.

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