• Using military service as the basis for your pilot licence application

    If you are applying for any pilot licence under the military accreditation scheme (MAS) based on your service as a pilot in the UK military, you will need to provide the following documents alongside those required for the licence application:

    • completed form SRG 2133
    • copies of the following logbook pages:
      • the Special Qualifications page
      • the last few pages of your military flying logbook

    The copies of the logbook pages must be stamped and certified by either

    • your commanding officer or
    • the head of training at the ATO where any additional training for your application has taken place

    If you are claiming credits based on your military instrument rating you will be required to provide a certified copy of the IR qualification page in your military log book. You will also need to provide a certified copy of any page that shows when you last exercised instrument rating privileges.

    How to get copies of your documents certified

    Qualified flight instructors

    If you are claiming credits as a military qualified flight instructor (QFI) please provide certified logbook evidence of your QFI qualification.

    If you provide evidence that the experience requirements of FCL.910.Fl(c) have been met previously using the instructor privileges on your military qualifications the Part-FCL instructor certificate can be issued without the privileges restricted.

    If you are applying for a FI(A) certificate and hold a night or aerobatic rating on your Part-FCL licence the instruction privilege can be added to their flight instructor rating by:

    • demonstrating the ability to instruct for that rating during the assessment of competence
    • if you do not meet this requirement at issue of the FI rating, you must meet the relevant requirements of Part-FCL