• The CAA and the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) have developed a joint Flying Display Director (FDD) accreditation scheme for both civilian and military flying displays.

  • Accreditation process

    To obtain FDD accreditation, applicants are required to demonstrate their experience in a number of areas, undergo a behavioural and attitudinal fitness assessment and attend an FDD accreditation course. Further details can be found in CAP 403.

    Applicants who successfully complete the accreditation process will be accredited with one of three flying display competency tier levels enabling the candidate to act in the role of FDD up to that level.

  • Flying display categorisation

    Flying displays are to be categorised in accordance with the requirements contained in CAP 403.  FDDs must be accredited to at least the same tier level as that of the event. 

  • Who needs to apply and when?

    Any person attending to act in the role of FDD and to be named on a Flying Display Permission.

    The 2018 course will be held on 27/28 March.

    Due to high demand, the 2018 FDD accreditation course is now fully subscribed and no further applications can be accepted.

    How do I apply?

    Applications can be made by submitting Form SRG1326 by e-mail to the CAA at ga@caa.co.uk. Please use the subject line 'FDD accreditation application'. A Form SRG1303B: Application for fitness assessment for a Flying Display Role must be submitted alongside Form SRG1326 to satisfy the behavioural and attitudinal assessment requirement.

    Charges for FDD accreditation applications

    There will be no charge for FDD accreditation this year. 

    FDD accreditations validity and currency requirements

    Accreditation will be for a period of three years, subject to ongoing fitness for the role. To maintain currency at the accredited tier level, a FDD must act as FDD at least once every two years at a flying display of appropriate tier rating.  However, if for example, a tier 3 FDD only acts as FDD for a tier 1 or 2 flying display(s) within the currency period, the tier 3 privileges will be forfeited and those of the relevant tier 1 or 2 maintained until such time as the FDD conducts a tier 3 event under the supervision of an FDD Mentor.

    How to obtain accreditation at a higher tier level

    Progression upwards in accreditation level will depend on demonstrable further experience and capability at the higher tier of flying display complexity. Further details on FDD upgrades can be found in CAP 403 

    Further information

    Further information can be found in CAP 403 or by contacting the GA unit: ga@caa.co.uk