• The CAA and the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) have developed a joint Flying Display Director (FDD) accreditation scheme for both civilian and military flying displays.

  • Accreditation process

    To obtain FDD accreditation, applicants are required to demonstrate their experience in a number of areas, undergo a behavioural and attitudinal fitness assessment and attend an FDD accreditation course. Further details can be found in CAP 403.

    Applicants who successfully complete the accreditation process will be accredited with one of three flying display competency tier levels enabling the candidate to act in the role of FDD up to that level.

  • Flying display categorisation

    Flying displays are to be categorised in accordance with the requirements contained in CAP 403.  FDDs must be accredited to at least the same tier level as that of the event. 

  • Who needs to apply and when?

    Any person attending to act in the role of FDD and to be named on a Flying Display Permission.

    The next FDD accreditation course will be 29-30 January 2019. Further information will be posted here once confirmed.

    Please note places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    How do I apply?

    Applications can be made by submitting Form SRG1326 by e-mail to the CAA at ga@caa.co.uk. Please use the subject line 'FDD accreditation application'. A Form SRG1303B: Application for fitness assessment for a Flying Display Role must be submitted alongside Form SRG1326 to satisfy the behavioural and attitudinal assessment requirement.

    Charges for FDD accreditation applications

    There will be no charge for FDD accreditation this year. 

  • Acting as a deputy FDD and FDD currency

    A Flying Display Director (FDD) accreditation is valid for three years and an FDD is considered to be current providing that they have acted as an FDD within the preceding two years.

  • The CAA recommends that a suitably accredited FDD is nominated as a deputy FDD to the primary FDD. 
    The deputy should be familiar with all aspects of the planning of the specific Flying Display and be aware of and prepared for any particular duties expected of them on the day of the event.  This information is available in CAP 403, Chapter 8.

    An appropriately accredited FDD can act as Deputy FDD to provide resilience for an event.  This individual (or individuals) must be named on the:

    A deputy FDD's currency status can be reset when they:

    • are nominated on the application for Permission/Form 1,
    • take an active  part in the planning and execution of the Flying Display,
    • are in attendance for the duration of the Flying Display,

    The currency status for the deputy FDD can be reset provided that the primary FDD:

    • ensures that the nature of the active role and precise level of participation of the deputy FDD is recorded in the Post-Display Feedback Form (SRG1305 / Form 4); 

    • records that the Deputy FDD intends to use this event to reset their currency status.    

    The responsibility for recording this information on the form rests with the primary FDD in conjunction with the deputy FDD and not the CAA/MAA.

    A Tier-1 or Tier-2 accredited FDD can 'shadow' the Primary FDD for a higher Tier event in order to build experience.  This shadow role can be used to improve the level of competence or with a view to upgrading to a higher Tier in the future.  The Primary FDD should record the level of participation of the shadow FDD in the SRG1305/Form 4 to enable the CAA/MAA to properly assess the level of experience of the individual.

    Unless the Primary FDD is a 'mentor', they should not comment on the ability or performance of the shadow FDD but limit their comments to their participation level (ie the level of their involvement in the planning and/or execution of the Flying Display).

    If the Primary FDD is a 'mentor', the shadow FDD should ensure that the participation in the planning and/or execution of the Flying Display is appropriately logged and countersigned by the Primary FDD so that any experience gained can be demonstrated at the time of application for upgrade.

    Where an FDD acts in the capacity of Primary or Deputy FDD their 2-year currency status resets at the tier for which the event was performed.  

    For example, if a Tier-3 FDD conducts a Tier-2 Flying Display their 2-year currency will only reset at Tier-2. 

    To reset their Tier-3 currency, they will need to complete a Tier-3 Flying Display. 

    If their own currency has lapsed this will require them to act as FDD under the supervision of a current Tier-3 accredited FDD.

    Successful completion of the FDD Accreditation Training Course will automatically reset both the status of the 3-year FDD qualification validity and the 2-year currency at the Tier for which they are accredited.

  • Further information

    Further information can be found in CAP 403 or by contacting the GA unit: ga@caa.co.uk