• The CAA provides an over-the-counter service at Gatwick in addition to our online application forms and paper application forms.

    The opening hours for the service are: Monday to Friday 08:30—16:30.

    Customers are seen in order of arrival. Customers may experience a delay during busy periods.

    We recommend that customers with general enquiries visit the counter after midday.

    Same day service

    The CAA offers a Same Day counter service for the following:

    • Conversion to EASA licences
    • Addition of a type or class rating to a flight crew licence
    • Renewal of a type or class rating to a flight crew licence
    • Removal of a restriction from a flight crew licence
    • Revalidation or Renewal of a flight crew licence
    • Change of address
    • Inclusion of a Night Rating
    • Inclusion of an Instructor Rating
    • Removal of restrictions from the Instructor Rating

    Compulsory EASA conversion

    If you hold a JAR licence or a UK national licence and you apply to have an EASA rating issued onto it, you will have to convert to an EASA licence and pay a fee.

    Same day services conditions

    The following conditions apply:

    • You or your representative must arrive before 11:30am with all relevant documentation completed otherwise your application will have to be re-submitted.
    • Applications are processed on a 'first come, first served' basis.

    Multiple applications

    • If you are applying for more than one applicant, the airline or organisation must request this in writing at least one working day in advance by emailing customerservices@caa.co.uk.
    • Requests for multiple applicants will be accepted subject to business demands.

    We are unable to provide a same day service for application for licence issue or upgrades, or any other service not listed above; however the applications may be handed in at the Public Counter and will be subject to the 10 working days turnaround service.

    Other enquiries

    Enquiries of a general nature may be addressed at the Public Counter, but not questions concerning the detail of licensing requirements or policy, or how the requirements may or may not apply in particular circumstances.

    Where it becomes apparent that a visitor to the public counter has a complex question, staff have been instructed to refer the enquirer to the relevant CAA publication (CAP804, Part-FCL and AMC) and then if necessary to submit the question in writing to fclweb@caa.co.uk.