• ABES is only one element of refresher training.

    Refresher training includes training in standard practices (including phraseology), human factors and abnormal and emergency situations.

    These three elements make up refresher training and all three elements are required to be undertaken for the revalidation of a unit endorsement.

    Refresher training

    There is no defined minimum for refresher training. The unit will determine the minimum for the three subjects.

    We are currently undergoing a recertification process of ATC training organisations which includes the introduction of refresher training to comply with Regulation 2015/340.

    For now, your current approved Unit Competence Scheme applies; if you have submitted a Regulation (EU) 2015/340-compliant Unit Competence Scheme and it has been approved, this can be applied from the effective date of the document, which may be prior to the end of the CAA derogation period on the 31st December 2016.