• The CAA should be informed of any changes in the circumstances at a licensed aerodrome. If the owner of a licensed aerodrome changes, but not the identity of the aerodrome licence holder, no action will be necessary. If the identity of the aerodrome licence holder changes, as the aerodrome licence is not transferable, the current aerodrome licence will be revoked and an application will be required for a new aerodrome licence to be issued to the proposed licence holder.

    Two types of permanent aerodrome licence - 'public use' and 'ordinary use' - are granted by the CAA in accordance with Article 212 and 214 of Air Navigation Order 2016 (CAP 393). The essential differences between the two are that the hours of availability of a 'public use' licensed aerodrome must be notified in the UK Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and the aerodrome must be available on equal terms and conditions to all persons permitted to use it. An 'ordinary use' aerodrome may only be used by the licence holder and those persons specifically authorised by them (i.e. with prior permission). Operations at an 'ordinary use' aerodrome are normally of the general aviation type.

    A complete list of aerodromes licensed by the CAA is available on the Aerodrome Licences and Boundary Maps web page.