• Medical certificates for CPL and ATPL holders

    If you hold a CPL or an ATPL, your licence will only be valid if you hold a Class 1 EASA medical certificate. You also need a Class 1 EASA medical certificate in order to train for a CPL or an ATPL.

    Only one EASA medical certificate can be held at any one time and you can only apply for a licence from the aviation authority in the EASA member state that holds your medical records.

    Apply for a medical certificate

    You will require a medical examination by a doctor specialising in aviation medicine. If you are aware of any personal or family medical history it would be prudent to mention this at the time of booking your medical and they can then advise whether you will need to bring along additional information/reports to the examination.

    Download our flow chart: Guidance for Applicants for Initial Medical Certificates in the UK (pdf)

    The first step in the process is to contact an Aeromedical Centre (see below), which will be able to provide you with personal updates as the process goes on.

    Medical examination at an Aeromedical Centre

    If you do not already hold a medical certificate, you must contact an Aeromedical Centre in order to undergo a medical examination. Aeromedical Centres are specially approved medical facilities authorised to issue EASA medical certificates for pilots.

    The examination and required tests take approximately half a day and appointments can be made directly through the AeMC. There are set charges for all examinations and tests.

    Find an AeMC

    All current AeMCs are listed below.

    Name Website Address Contact details
    Birmingham AeMC www.aeromedicalconsulting.co.uk  

    Birmingham Aeromedical Centre
    Rooms 18, 19 & 22 Forward House
    Cargo Terminal
    Birmingham International Airport
    B26 3QT

    Email: admin@aeromedicalconsulting.co.uk

    Tel: 0121 781 0199 

    London AeMC www.centrelineaviationmedicalservices.co.uk 22 Upper Wimpole Street, London, W1G 6NB

    Email: reception@amsgatwick.com
    Phone: 01293 775336

    Heathrow Medical Services LLP www.heathrowmedical.com

    Weekly House, Padbury Oaks, 583 Bath Road, Longford, Middlesex, UB7 0EH

    Email: medicals@heathrowmedical.com

    What to take with you

    If you wear glasses or contact lenses you must bring your most recent optician’s report along to the examination.

    Your AeMC will be able to help you with any additional individual preparations you need to make before your appointment.

    What to expect at your examination

    You will need to complete the medical certificate application form. This is a signed declaration containing the following:

    • Facts about your medical history
    • Whether you have had a medical examination before, by whom and the result
    • Whether you have ever been assessed as unfit or had a medical certificate suspended or revoked

    Download a blank medical certificate application form

    You may be asked to complete the form in advance of your appointment.

    A medical examination at an AeMC may take up to 4 hours. The examination will include the following:

    • Medical history
    • Eyesight
    • Physical examination
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Lung function test
    • Haemoglobin blood test
    • Urine test

    More detailed information on the examination

    Certificate issue

    A medical certificate can be issued on the same day as the examination if all the requirements are met.

    However, if the requirements are not met or further investigations are necessary then a decision on your fitness for a medical certificate will take longer.

    Validity period

    A Class 1 medical certificate is valid for 12 months, unless you are 40 or over and carry out single pilot commercial air transport operations carrying passengers; or you are over 60. In both cases, it is 6 months.

  • A new online system will soon replace existing paper-based medical application forms. Further updates will be issued in due course.