• How to remove an aircraft from the UK Register

    There is no fee for the de-registration of an aircraft unless the Same Day service is requested.

    Using a Certificate of Registration to de-register an aircraft

    On the reverse of a Certificate of Registration is a section which can be used to instruct the CAA to remove the aircraft from the UK register. This must be completed and signed and returned to the CAA.

    If the request for de-registration is urgent, both sides of this document can be faxed or scanned and emailed to the CAA Aircraft Registration Section.

    Using a Sale Notification Form to de-register an aircraft

    If the Certificate of Registration is not available please use a Sale Notification Form.

    CAA action after an aircraft is de-registered

    We will send written confirmation that de-registration has taken place to the registered owner, in accordance with our Service Standards.

    In the case of aircraft which are to be re-registered abroad, we will also send fax confirmation to the new state of registry.

    As a consequence of de-registration, any certificate of airworthiness or permit to fly in force over the aircraft will be automatically suspended and revoked.

    Aircraft to be re-registered abroad

    Once an aircraft has been sold to a customer outside the UK, a request for de-registration should be made immediately.

    Mortgaged aircraft

    In order to be removed from the UK Register and re-registered abroad:

    • an aircraft must be clear of registered mortgages
    • the mortgage lenders must give their consent to the aircraft being de-registered.

    More information about aircraft mortgages.

    Aircraft subject to an IDERA

    If the aircraft is the subject of an Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation (“IDERA”) this must be revoked before the aircraft can be de-registered. Please see IDERA revocation process for further details.

    Export Certificate of Airworthiness

    Please note that the registration process is separate from the requirements to gain an Export Certificate of Airworthiness. If you need an Export Certificate of Airworthiness, please see Exporting a UK Registered Aircraft for further details. If an Export CofA is required you must obtain this before de-registering the aircraft.

    For further information on Certificates of Airworthiness or Permits to Fly please contact the Aircraft Certification Department of the CAA on telephone 0330 022 1908 or fax (01293) 573860, or email apply@caa.co.uk.

    Aircraft permanently withdrawn from use or destroyed

    If an aircraft has been permanently withdrawn from use or destroyed, the registered owner must confirm this using either the aircraft’s Certificate of Registration or a Sale Notification Form, as detailed above.

    Removal of UK marks and Transponder Mode S 24-Bit Address

    Once an aircraft is removed from the UK Register it can no longer fly displaying its UK nationality and registration marks.

    The UK-assigned Transponder Mode S 24-Bit Address must also be removed from the aircraft at the time of de-registration. Failure to do so could result in unsafe flying conditions if the aircraft flies again under a different registration.

    Same Day de-registration service – subject to a fee

    If you need to de-register an aircraft urgently or outside normal office hours, we offer a Same Day service. You must arrange to use this service in advance and pay the Same Day service fee (see Service Standards for further details).