• Hays Travel has been appointed by the Air Travel Trust as Fulfilment Partners to fulfil ATOL protected bookings from Freedom Travel Group. If you were a Freedom Travel Group Accredited Body Member and you had bookings under Freedom Travel Group’s ATOL, these bookings will be fulfilled by Hays Travel. Unless the booking included Thomas Cook flights (see Q&A below).

    If you sold bookings under Thomas Cook’s ATOL, your customers will need to follow the advice detailed on our website for travellers due to travel that did not book directly with Thomas Cook. Bookings in which you acted as agent for other ATOL holders that are still trading should still be valid and your customers should not make a claim through ATOL.

    Bookings in which you acted as agent on individual elements and were not protected under ATOL 6042 are not entitled to claim. 

    For further information on how to assist your customers, please see below or contact Hays Travel for advice. 

  • If you are a former Freedom Travel Group Accredited Body Member, you are welcome to contact Hays Travel on your customer's behalf and remain the point of contact for your customer.


    Please send enquiries to: freedom@hays-travel.co.uk. We are aware that Hays Travel have received a number of emails regarding bookings for next year and that they are prioritising in date order.


    Hays are working in departure date order.


    You may make contact with the supplier who will provide you the relevant documents for the customer to travel.


    Email the name of the person in resort and the booking details to freedom@hays-travel.co.uk and this will be dealt with as a priority.


    Hays Travel are re-booking with suppliers and will be sending new supplier vouchers to the Freedom members to pass onto their customers.


    Please email Hays Travel at freedom@hays-travel.co.uk with the task branch number and the email address that you want the documentation to be sent to. Once this information has been provided and the booking has been loaded, Hays will email the ATOL certificate directly to you. The ATOL certificate will be accompanied by a summary of all financial details. Hays Travel will then issue a balance reminder which will have the details about how you actually make payment for these bookings.


    You will be able to do this on the Hays Travel website via 'View my Booking.' Once you've received the summary and the ATOL Certificate you will see a reference number with the prefix 'HAY' and then a hyphen with numbers (for example HAY-1234). Enter this into the 'View My Booking' section along with the departure date and the “Date of Birth” which for all bookings will be 1/01/19 as this information is not available for all bookings. You will then be able to build your receipt. If you can't build your receipt, there will be a telephone number that you can call. Hays have also set up a dedicated bank account where customers can pay via bank transfer.

    Freedom Personal Travel Advisors were a separate ATOL holder, bookings protected under Freedom Personal Travel Advisors trading as Future Travel Ltd ATOL 5704 should follow the advice on our website and therefore Hays are unable to take any action with bookings made through them.


    Hays Travel will attempt to re-book the elements of the original trip. Where an element of the booking has failed for whatever reason - Hays' teams will try to reconstitute the booking and save the client's holiday where this is possible. Where the client's holiday contained Thomas Cook flights the client will need to complete a claim form on Hays website. All re-booking is being carried out on a date of departure basis. 


    Customers should not need to cancel as Hays Travel are working with suppliers to fulfil the original bookings. In extreme cases where the original services are not available.  You should offer your customers a suitable alternative.  It should only be where an alternative is not available that a cancelation is offered.  You will be required to provide the evidence to Hays that a suitable alternative was not available.


    Cancellations will be in accordance with the original Freedom Terms and Conditions. Therefore, cancellation fees may apply. In the first instance you should inform Hays of the cancellation.  Your customer will need to complete the claim on Hays website for a refund minus the cancellation fees to be applied.


    If your customer is required to cancel due to Covid-19 please direct them to the cancellation form available on Hays Travel Website here.


    If refunds are required for Freedom Travel Group ATOL protected bookings for customers due to depart from the 23rd September.  Any payments that customers have made to freedom members such as, anything classed as an offline payment (bank transfer, cash or cheque), will be refunded by Hays Travel. This is under the instruction of the CAA, therefore Hays will require documentation from the customers, this will be requested as part of the claim. For customers who have paid by credit card, upon receipt of the customers claim Hays will issue the customer with the correct documentation to enable them to make a refund for these payments to their card issuer.(this does not apply to cancellations arising from Covid-19).

    Customers abroad on a Freedom Travel Group ATOL 6042 trip on 23 September 2019 who had to repay for parts of their holiday that were ATOL protected under ATOL 6042 (e.g. transfers or accommodation) can make a claim for these expenses from ATOL not Hays Travel. 


    Yes, Hays have informed us they have added suppliers to the accredited supplier list.  However, Hays have been appointed by the CAA to administer the bookings of Freedom Travel Group ATOL so unfortunately any additional suppliers are outside of Hays remit.  If the booking was not Freedom ATOL protected Hays will not be able to assist.


    Hays has arranged with all suppliers that you can do these directly. Once you have made the amendment please complete the Amendment Smart Sheet. Please send through new invoices so that Hays can mirror the costs on their system, this will ensure correct payments are made to suppliers. These will be dealt with the date order.