• Flight-Plus is the term used in the ATOL Regulations 2012 to describe the type of holiday sale where a consumer requests to book a flight with accommodation and/or car hire at the same time or within a day, but where the way in which it is sold means that it is not a package holiday. This is a licensable booking and must be ATOL protected.

    Key points to note include:

    • A Flight-Plus exists when a flight is sold with overseas accommodation and/or car hire.
    • The flight and accommodation and/or car hire must be requested on the same day or within one day of each other, but it does not matter which the customer requests first.
    • The trip must be over 24 hours in duration or include an overnight stay.
    • The flight must have its outbound leg departing from the UK, except where the arrangement includes travel departing the UK by another method such as ferry, coach or rail and a flight into the UK.
    • A flight which begins and ends in the UK does not form part of a Flight-Plus.
    • Other tourist services sold in connection with the Flight-Plus that form a significant part of the trip must also be included in the Flight-Plus if those services are requested on the same day or within one day of the request for the flight.
    • If a business sells another ATOL holder’s flight inclusive package and then adds separate overseas car hire or accommodation, this also forms a Flight-Plus and the business must protect the Flight-Plus under its own ATOL.

    Obligations of a Flight-Plus arranger

    Flight-Plus arrangers have obligations to their customers if a supplier fails. The Flight-Plus arranger will be required to replace that part of the trip (at no extra cost to the customer) or provide a refund for the whole arrangement to the customer.