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Recognition of Competence route (RoC) can be utilised where training from the designated syllabus is to be delivered by a person who has been deemed competent and has been approved to do so, without the issuance of a Certified Instructor Number (CIN). Currently this route is available for hold baggage reconciliation training and aircrew security recurrent training.

This is an alternative route to instructor certification where upon approval, a letter issuing a unique RoC number is granted for the individual to deliver training from any of the subject syllabuses listed below.

We no longer accept applications for organisational RoC, which is being phased out.

Please note there will be ongoing changes to the recognition of competence route in future. Please contact avsec.training@avsec.caa.co.uk

Recognition of competence (RoC) list

Application for Recognition of competence

Criteria for Certification

For an individual seeking approval to deliver this training, evidence of the following points must be provided:

  • That the individual has successfully completed a background check
  • That the individual is qualified and competent in instructional techniques - in the UK this requires an Award in Education and Training (AET) at level 3 or another equivalent nationally recognised qualifications.

    Please see the list of acceptable qualifications.

  • That the individual works within the related part of the aviation industry
  • That the individual will be working from a training package designed by a Department for Transport (DfT) certificated instructor (and be linked to their CIN)
  • That the individual understands, accepts and will abide by the terms of the mandatory conditions section.
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