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Sponsor: TAG Farnborough Airport

Last updated: 5 October 2023

Most recent update: The Post-Implementation Review (PIR) work continues. Following the closure of the CAA’s 42-day feedback window, additional stakeholder responses continued to be received and are being included in the review. 

CAP1616 Appendix H, Post-implementation Review timescales indicate that at H7 (page 241), additional analysis of data and any need for the CAA to request further operational data from the change sponsor, may result in an extension to the analysis and delay the publication of the results of the review in its report.

The CAA has continued to work with the sponsor and the key other airspace users in that part of southern England and fundamental airspace sharing arrangements are still being developed and reviewed to enable the best use of the airspace to be developed. These arrangements will seek to safely and efficiently accommodate aviation stakeholder’s requirements.

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Framework briefing held with organisations considering proposal of the change

15 Jun 2012

Sponsor external consultation document (with associated appendices)

12 May 2014
Sponsor's external consultation feedback report 15 Jun 2014
Sponsor's formal airspace change proposal (date received by CAA) 3 Jul 2015
Sponsor's additional consultation document 2 Nov 2016
Sponsor's additional consultation feedback report 14 Dec 2016
CAA letter to sponsor 25 Aug 2017
Operational assessment by CAA 12 Jul 2018
Initial consultation assessment by CAA 12 Jul 2018
Addendum consultation assessment by CAA 12 Jul 2018
Environmental assessment by CAA 20 Jul 2018
Decision document ( CAP 1678) 11 Jul 2018

In assessing the proposal and making the decision, the CAA has taken account of the following documents received from the sponsor:

  1. (Option 25) Consultation documents - Parts A-F, dated 3 February 2014
  2. Feedback report Part A
  3. Feedback report Part B
  4. (Option 34) Issue 1.0, dated 3 July 2015
  5. Appendix A - Comms, Nav and Surveillance
  6. Appendix B - Safety in the Vicinity of Farnborough Airport
  7. Appendix C - CAS Containment and Separation
  8. Appendix D - Real Time Simulation
  9. Appendix E - AIP Pages Affected
  10.  Appendix F - Fuel, CO2, Air Quality
  11.   Appendix G - Flight Validation
  12.  Appendix H - PDG
  13.  Appendix I - Letter of Agreement Drafts
  14.  Appendix J - Stakeholder Reengagement Examples
  15.  Appendix K - Consultation (see a, b and c above)
  16.  Appendix L - Disruption and Delay examples
  17.  Appendix M - Heathrow SID Gradients
  18.  Appendix N - GA Levels Analysis
  19.  Appendix O - Concept of Operations
  20.  Farnborough Airport Additional Consultation (Option 36), dated 10 August 2016
  21.  TAG Farnborough Feedback Report Part C (Option 38)
  22.  Letter Sponsor to CAA dated 4 September 2017 regarding airspace access arrangements
Sponsor's acceptance letter of CAA decision 17 Jul 2018
Change implementation date 27 Feb 2020
AIRAC distribution date / AIP amendment  

Sponsor's Post-Implementation Review analysis

  1. Main document 
  2. Annex A
  3. Annex B
  4. Annex C 
  5. Annex D
  6. Appendix to Annex D
  7. Annex E
15 May 2023

CAA PIR assessment

Updated 26 September 2022: Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on air operations around the globe, the commencement of the 12 month data collection period for the purpose of this PIR was delayed until 1 April 2022.  The CAA’s ACP Post Implementation Review Data Request was provided to the sponsor, which the sponsor published on its web page. 

The PIR will follow the process set out in CAP 1616. However, as this ACP decision was made under the former airspace change process, CAP 725, we will use the methodology that applied at the time of the original decision when assessing the expected impacts against the actual impacts. This means we will use the Secretary of State’s Air Navigation Guidance 2014, as agreed with the Department for Transport. 

Post implementation reviews are a rigorous assessment by the CAA of whether the anticipated impacts and benefits, set out in the original airspace change proposal and decision, have been delivered and if not to ascertain why and to determine the most appropriate course of action. 

The CAA’s review will include an assessment of aircraft using Farnborough airport, of aircraft using the airspace that was the subject of the change and of aircraft flying in the vicinity of the airspace that was the subject of the change. The CAA has specified data requirements for the PIR that will enable that assessment. 

The CAA has received specific queries from stakeholders and confirms: 

  • safety is the CAA’s primary statutory duty and the CAA will be carefully reviewing the PIR data to assess the impact of the new airspace design on safety; and 
  • the CAA will also be assessing the impact of the change on noise based on an analysis of the number, type and height of aircraft on which data has been collected by the sponsor as required by the CAA. 

Updated 3 April 2023: The PIR data collection period finished on 31 March 2023. The sponsor must now analyse the data it has collected and prepare a detailed analysis of how the impacts of the change compare with the anticipated impacts set out in the airspace change proposal. For reasons including public holidays over the Easter period the sponsor has requested 42 rather than the usual 28 days to complete and publish its PIR data and the analysis of it required by CAP 1616. We have agreed to that request.

Taking into account that stakeholders may have planned for a specific window for providing their comments on whether implementation of the change has had the impacts that were anticipated when the decision to agree the change was made, we have decided also to expand the stakeholder feedback window from 28 to 42 days.

Updated 15 May 2023: The Post-Implementation Review (PIR) data has now been received from the sponsor and published. They can be found in the table below under 'Sponsor's Post-Implementation Review analysis'.

The CAA now invite any stakeholders to submit their own observations via email to Airspace.Policy@caa.co.uk no later than Monday, 26 June 2023.

The CAA will aim to produce a PIR review report within three months.

This activity is not a review of the decision on the airspace change proposal, and neither is it a re-run of the original decision process.

Upon completion of the CAA’s review, we may:

  • confirm that the implemented design satisfactorily achieves – within acceptable tolerance limits – the objective and terms of the CAA’s approval, and the change is confirmed; or
  • require modifications to better achieve the objective and terms of the CAA’s approval