• As the UK’s specialist aviation regulator we passionately believe in making aviation better for those who choose to fly and those who do not.

    This means using the powers and duties given to us by Parliament to help create positive outcomes that matter to people.

    We see a world where everyone who chooses to fly, as well as anyone who does not, has confidence in a safe and secure aviation sector that takes its responsibilities seriously, backed by a regulatory system that actively manages risk and supports consistently high performance.

    Consumers will be drivers for a sector that is responsive to their needs. They will be empowered to drive market developments with access to information on what is available, how much they have to pay and the service they can expect to get in return. Delays and disappointment will be rare and in the event that a service fails to meet the standards they should reasonably expect, they will find it easy to obtain redress supported by dispute-resolution systems that are easy to access and effective to use.

    This is a world which meets the needs of the future as well as the present. While not everyone will agree with every potential decision on new runway infrastructure or airspace change, the methods used to reach those decisions will be transparent, well understood and accepted. Proper account will be taken of the needs of the overflown and others with a legitimate interest; and robust and clear processes will identify and take account of the impacts on current and future generations.

    The future will also be enriched by beneficial technologies, encouraged by a regulatory system that focuses on the outcomes that stakeholders want, rather than being prescriptive about the inputs that must be used.

    For the many people who enjoy recreational flying or for those that wish to exploit the many advantages of new technology such as drones, they will be able to do so safely, aware of their responsibilities and in control of the risks they are taking.

    All aviation stakeholders will be supported by a regulator that delivers an effective and efficient approach to its work that is focused on what matters and is prepared to take difficult decisions where required. Our systems and processes will be fit for purpose and our people will have a blend of drive, experience and enquiry that combines expertise in their field with the ability to innovate and shape the future in concert with an ever-changing world.

    This is our vision for the next five years. This strategy sets out how we plan to realise it.