• Our principal functions and duties are set out in primary legislation (the Civil Aviation Act 1982, the Airports Act 1986, the Transport Act 2000 and the Civil Aviation Act 2012) and in secondary legislation (principally the Air Navigation Order 2009).

    Our main statutory functions are:

    • regulating civil aviation safety;
    • advising and assisting the Secretary of State on all civil aviation matters, including policy for the use of UK airspace so as to meet the needs of all users, having regard for national security, economic and environmental factors, while maintaining a high standard of safety;
    • the economic regulation of certain airports and of the provision of certain air traffic services;
    • the licensing of airlines, including assuring their financial fitness;
    • the licensing of air travel organisers;
    • enforcing general consumer protection law through Part 8 of the Enterprise Act and EU legislation, such as denied boarding compensation and persons with reduced mobility; and
    • the regulation of aviation security functions.

    The Secretary of State for Transport is answerable to Parliament for the performance of the CAA’s functions. The CAA relies on the Government to keep its legislative powers, in particular the Directions from the Secretary of State and the Air Navigation Order, up to date.