• Aviation affects so many people in so many ways, meaning we have to take the interests of a wide range of potential stakeholders into account in performing our duties.

    We care about the health of the aviation community, without which there would be no services. Our primary focus however is on the consumer; by promoting their interests, we believe that we not only achieve what matters to them but we are also likely to contribute best to the achievement of wider public policy aims.

    Consumers want to be able to choose from the widest possible range of aviation service providers in the knowledge that an effective regulator is holding those providers to account for safety and security standards. The aviation community expects us to take full account of the regulatory costs we impose, to influence international regulatory processes, and to facilitate technological innovation and infrastructure improvements. The public and local communities want transparency and fairness as to how their concerns are dealt with, for example around the noise impact of aviation.

    In many cases, actions taken to protect and promote the consumer directly benefit the broader public: safe and secure air travel for those who fly benefits those at potential risk on the ground as well as in the air. But the interests of the consumer and the public do not always align: more flights create noise disturbance for those below flight routes, and risk-taking by some in the sector may not always take into account the risks posed to others. In such cases, we intervene to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders, accepting that what is in the interests of one stakeholder may not be in the interests of another.

    Government also expects us to balance these considerations while supporting wider social and economic goals, such as aiding economic growth through facilitating transport connectivity and innovation in service delivery. They also expect all public sector bodies to minimise the unjustified burden that regulation places on businesses and society in general.