• We have identified a number of general guiding principles to shape this strategy. These have helped us to identify our priorities for the next five years and to determine how we intend to deliver our strategy. We have combined these with the CAA’s Risk Principles, which help us determine how the CAA approaches risks to the consumer and the public.

    These principles are set out below.

    Our general principles

    1. We will seek to align all of our activities to our purpose, focusing our performance on the management of risks and the achievement of outcomes that benefit consumers and the public.
    2. We will be active in applying the Government’s Better Regulation principles (i.e. to be Proportionate, Accountable, Consistent, Targeted and Transparent) to all our activities.
    3. We will strive to be evidence-based in all our actions, engaging pro-actively with our stakeholders. Where evidence for a course of action is lacking, we will proceed with care and seek to create evidence by trialling our approach before applying it more generally.
    4. We will take steps to align our own capabilities with our strategy so as to be able to deliver efficiently on our commitments.
    5. We will measure our performance and look for opportunities to learn, sharing these lessons with others at home and abroad.

    Our risk principles

    1. We will seek to protect the consumer and the public from harm where there is a clear justification for CAA involvement.
    2. We will be clear at all times about the risks for which we are accountable and only seek to be accountable for risks that we can manage or oversee.
    3. We will seek to influence the management of risks for which we are not accountable but which materially impact on consumers and the public in a manner proportionate to the outcome.
    4. We will actively monitor the risk landscape (horizon-scanning) to identify emerging risks and significant changes in risk levels.
    5. We will take reputational risk into account when considering consumer risks in order to ensure that credibility is maintained in delivering the CAA’s primary duties.