• As a regulator, we cannot achieve anything by acting alone.

    Our effectiveness is determined by our ability to align the actions of others with the outcomes our stakeholders want. We must work with others to achieve the outcomes that matter to those we serve.

    It is not our job to manage risk and deliver outcomes directly – that is done by those that deliver aviation services to the millions of users every year. Our job is to set the regulatory framework for aviation and be active in our assessment of its effectiveness, being prepared to take decisive action, where appropriate, to enable risks to be well managed.

    We will work hard to meet others’ reasonable expectations of us.

    In partnership with our stakeholders we will seek out solutions that deliver the desired outcomes with minimal intervention, consistent with the UK Government’s Better Regulation principles and our mutual desire to minimise unjustified regulatory burden and maximise our effectiveness and transparency to our stakeholders. This means that we will seek to back our decisions with high quality evidence and the highest levels of integrity, engaging directly with relevant stakeholders in a meaningful and timely fashion and assessing the potential costs which different regulatory options would impose. This does not mean that all our decisions will necessarily command the support of all stakeholders, given the trade-offs that exist. We will hold to account those we regulate for safety and security and will be prepared to take decisions that could be regarded as unpopular by some.

    We will also continue to use incentives, including securing effective competition where possible, as tools for delivering on our vision for the sector. This means we will seek to improve competition through a variety of means, including arming consumers with better information, addressing problems with market structures or implementing effective enforcement of competition rules where we have the power.

    We will also be clear about our expectations of others.

    In all cases, we expect those we regulate to comply fully with their legal obligations, and we will be firm in our enforcement of the law, particularly where there is significant risk to consumers or the general public.

    Where appropriate, we will also expect a high level of transparency from those we regulate, particularly where their actions may need to balance a range of different stakeholders’ interests.