• This is the final consultation for the General Aviation Air Navigation Order (ANO) Review

    Consultation details

    Sponsor General Aviation Unit and Intelligence, Strategy and Policy, Safety and Airspace Regulation Group
    Status: Closed
    Start Date: 24 September 2015
    Closing Date: 4 November 2015

    Consultation Documents:




    This is the final consultation for the General Aviation Air Navigation Order (ANO) Review. 

    The consultation document,  CAP 1335, describes changes we are proposing, along with annexes for reference containing

    • Annex A - Comment Response Document - this details the comments received to the thematic consultation and our responses to them.
    • Annex B - Drafting Instructions - these are the instructions (to date) that we are working on and will provide to the government central legal service to use to create the new ANO.
    • Annex C - Impact Assessment - this is produced to quantify the impact any changes may have on business and the community. Specific areas where we seek comment have been drawn out into the main document.

    We welcome your views through either

    • our online  Survey -  the survey tool provides specific questions on key elements of the consultation we would like feedback on.  The consultation covers a wide range of issues so please feel free to only respond to questions covering your specific areas of interest. 
    • by  email - please state which section you are responding to and state clearly whether you agree or disagree with the proposal.

    We are keen to ensure that organisations and individuals having an interest in these changes have the fullest opportunity to comment.  Therefore, if you have any concerns or questions regarding this consultation, please refer to the contact details below.

    Outcome: Read our response document: CAP 1414