• What is STEM and why does it matter? 
    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is the umbrella term used to cover work promoting those subjects in education and to young people. Our work in the area is primarily about promoting the broad range of exciting jobs and careers that are available in aviation along with the skills and knowledge that someone looking to enter into the sector could require.

    It has been recognised by the aviation community that there will be an anticipated shortage of skilled aviation professionals in the near future.  By promoting awareness of the aviation and aerospace sector, the variety of career pathways you can take and the subjects that help you get there we aim to inspire young aviators into this industry.

  • The CAA wants to inspiring young people to explore careers in STEM, aviation and aerospace to support and encourage their future career choices. Aviation and Aerospace needs to be ready for the future and we need different talent, ideas and values to make that happen. We need talented people like you.

    Our Aim

    • To inspire young people to explore careers in STEM aviation and aerospace, and to support and encourage their future career choices. 

    Our Objectives

    • Positively support efforts to increase diversity with a focus on addressing root causes which prevent inclusivity
    • Understanding ambitions and interests of all currently underrepresented groups to create opportunities which are inclusive and engaging for all 
    • Challenge misconceptions and stereotypes about careers in STEM and Aviation (e.g. through promotion)
    • Where possible, influence industry to keep encouraging + supporting STEM
  • 2020 Girls in Aviation Day

    We are committed to supporting women in aviation and encouraging young girls to pursue interests in STEM. As we were unable to visit schools to mark this important day, 26 September 2020, we have gathered together our colleagues and other STEM ambassadors to share inspiring stories in this video. 

  • Our people have been supporting STEM initiatives for many years and our STEM affinity network brings interested colleagues together to work as one effective team, providing support to schools and wider education.
    We can offer:
    • Talks and aviation activity sessions at primary and secondary schools
    • Focused career advice for college students
    • Participation at career fairs or events

    If you would like our involvement in an event then please contact our STEM coordinator: brenda.jefcoate@caa.co.uk 

    The CAA STEM affinity group is composed of around 60 members of staff from across the business with Sophie Jones as the senior CAA sponsor for this work.

    So far the headline aims and objectives have been developed by the group and a series of priorities have been generated for the next 12 months to 5 years.

    Colleagues are now looking to develop material for providing outreach and have already completed a variety of activities face to face and virtually:

    • Assemblies at local secondary schools for 'Girls in Aviation Day
    • Talks and activities at a number of primary schools Live Q & A's
    • Focussed career advice for college students
    • Participation in a number of career fairs at local secondary schools

    CAA STEM Coordinator: Brenda Jefcoate

    Email: brenda.jefcoate@caa.co.uk