• Aircraft Noise Certification

    Aircraft are required to comply with the noise certification Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Volume I of Annex 16 to the Chicago Convention.

  • Out-Of-Hours Service

    The CAA presently offers an informal out-of-hours service, via the use of an out-of-hours contact number. This is in place to assist AOC Operators when an urgent operational need requires access to the CAA. Where an AOC Operator requests a Permit to Fly, to enable an aircraft to fly without a valid Certificate of Airworthiness, or Certificate of Validity being in place, and this is issued outside of normal working hours.

    Out-of-hours  Fee £ 
    Permit to Fly  £995 

    Miscellaneous Services

    For these services, application should be made in the first instance by email to apply@caa.co.uk to discuss specific requirements.

    Standard turnaround for these products is five working days.


    Issue of a replacement Noise Certificate in respect of previously approved variable MTOW  £285
    ARC online additional online company log-in £100