• We are working with industry to implement a quality assurance framework for aviation security training – this follows our consultations in November 2017 and May 2018 on the proposed concept.

    We are currently finalising the processes and will be communicating these as soon as they become available - we are working towards implementation in spring 2019. The two key elements of the framework are the registration of training providers and the self-assessment/external assurance process – please find further information on both elements below.

    We have established a number of documents, forming part of the quality assurance process, and we would urge instructors and training organisations to review these ahead of the implementation in early 2019 to give themselves as much time as possible to become familiar with the new requirements.

    Registration of Training providers

    We will be introducing a registration system for training providers, with the definition of a training provider as follows:

    'A training provider under this framework is an organisation or independent instructor contracted by a directed entity (Airport/Airline/Cargo RA/IFS entity) to provide mandatory aviation security training services to its staff. If training is conducted in-house by the directed entity’s own staff, the entity itself is the training provider. All certificated instructors are required to be linked to a registered training provider - if they work as an independent instructor, they must register as their own training provider.'

    You do not need to register at the moment or return any documentation to us – we will send out further information about the registration process in due course.

    Quality Assurance process

    The quality assurance framework is based on supporting instructors and training providers to achieve and maintain a good baseline of training quality. The framework will be mandatory for training providers registered with us and includes two steps – a self-assessment stage and an external assurance visit. We would encourage providers to review the self-assessment as soon as possible to leave themselves good time until implementation to make any necessary changes. 

    1. Self-assessment by provider

    Training provider should use the Self-Assessment form to review and assess their own training provision against the Standards Specification document. The Quality Guidance Manual is available as a reference document to guide you through the process, provide templates for you to use and adapt and give you useful hints and tips.

    2. External assurance visit by CAA

    Once the framework has been fully implemented in spring 2019 we will commence external assurance visits, using the completed self-assessment forms and the External Quality Assurance Report form. These visits will be phased in over time and we will publish more information on the process later this year.

    Document links

    If you have any questions with regards to the Quality Assurance framework, please contact us on Avsec.qa@caa.gsi.gov.uk