• UK aviation security instructors delivering training under the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP) must be certificated by the DfT before they can deliver training. Upon certification, instructors are now issued with a unique Certificated Instructor Number (CIN).  An application form is available for requesting certification and must be completed and returned to the CAA at the email address below. To become a certificated instructor and obtain a CIN, instructors must:

    • provide a completed application form;
    • provide details and evidence of competence for each of the aviation security syllabuses which they plan to deliver training from;
    • have successfully completed a Level 3 Award in Education and Training or equivalent; or have a recognised qualification mapped as an alternative qualification (for more information please contact the CAA at the email address below),
    • have successfully completed a valid background check in line with EU regulations;
    • have obtained a valid Counter Terrorist Clearance (CTC) through the CAA Vetting Team ;
    • successfully demonstrate operational competencies for the relevant subject syllabuses.  This can be evidenced through previous operational experience of working in the relevant aviation security area and / or familiarisation training and ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the relevant subject area.
    • Any instructor delivering the Recognition of Firearms and Explosives (RFX) module from any of the subject syllabuses where this is required will need to attend an initial RFXi course.

    Please note that an individual cannot sponsor his/her own CTC application so for smaller organisations of up to 5 people, the CAA is prepared to act as a sponsor. For further information, please contact vetting@avsec.caa.co.uk

    All UK certificated instructors whose details have been verified and given a Certificated Instructor Number (CIN) will be listed on our website with the following information displayed: name; CIN number and  the syllabus(es) which the instructor is certificated to deliver. Please note that no contact or company details will be displayed.

    Updated versions of the Certificated Instructors list will be published at the beginning of every month. Alterations will not be made to the published list until the next scheduled update but any instructors whose details are missing or incorrect should contact us at the e-mail address below in the interim period, to get their details added for when the next update is published:

    Application  requests and/or questions about obtaining CIN numbers and amending incorrect information, as well as any general training queries  should be directed to the CAA at the following address: avsec.training@avsec.caa.co.uk.