• CAA-Registered Aviation Security Training Provider List

    The above list contains details of all training providers registered with the CAA to deliver mandatory Department for Transport (DfT) Aviation Security syllabuses.  Only CAA-registered training providers on this list may deliver DfT Aviation Security Training.  This list is updated on the 1st working day of every month.  A newly registered training provider will not show on the list until the following month once the updated list has been published.

    CAA-registered training providers are required to comply with the Quality Assurance framework meeting 6 key areas set by the CAA.  This will be assessed through a self-assessment and a CAA visit from an External Quality Assurer yearly (This could increase or decrease based on overall grading recognised after the CAA visit).

    To become a CAA-registered training provider you must:

    • Have at least 1 certificated instructor
    • Begin implementing the Quality Assurance Framework
    • Register with the CAA by contacting avsec.qa@avsec.caa.co.uk
    • Deliver a DfT Aviation Security course within 3 months of registration confirmation
    • Submit a Quality Assurance Self-Assessment Report (SAR) form within 3 months of registration confirmation
    • Receive a visit from the CAA within 3 months of registration confirmation