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UK – EU Transition, and UK Civil Aviation Regulations

To access current UK civil aviation regulations, including AMC and GM, CAA regulatory documents, please use this link to UK Regulation. Please note, if you use information and guidance under the Headings, the references to EU regulations or EU websites in our guidance will not be an accurate information or description of your obligations under UK law. These pages are undergoing reviews and updates.

Please note that many of the airspace change proposal reference numbers below have been amended to ensure that they are aligned with those which are automatically generated by our Airspace Change Proposal Project Tracker (December 2017).


Ongoing airspace change proposals

Reference Title
ACP-2017-30 Hawarden Airport – GNSS RNAV Approaches & Conventional IFP Review
ACP-2017-14 Haverfordwest RNAV (GNSS) IAPS
ACP-2016-22 Carlisle – RNAV Procedures
ACP-2016-23 Stapleford RNAV IAP
ACP-2016-17 Blackbushe Airport RNAV instrument approach procedures
ACP-2016-16 London Southend Airport GNSS RNAV approaches
ACP-2016-13 Leeds East Airport GNSS RNAV approaches
ACP-2015-20 London Southend Airport (LSA) PBN SIDs
ACP-2015-04 Sherburn-In-Elmet RNAV IAPs
ACP-2014-04 Inverness Airport
ACP-2013-08 Biggin Hill Runway 03 instrument approach procedures

Regulatory decisions made 2012 - 2021


Ref. Title Decision date
ACP-2017-16 RAF Brize Norton ACP 11 Feb 2021
ACP-2014-03 London Oxford ACP 16 Mar 2021
Close 2021


Ref. Title Decision date
ACP-2017-25 London Southend CAS (CTA 10 & 11) 03 November 2020
Close 2020


Ref. Title Decision date
ACP-2011-01 Gatwick RNAV 1 SIDs 14 Aug 2013
Close 2013


Ref. Title Decision date
ACP12-01 Reclassification of the Glasgow Control Area (CTA) 17 Feb 2012
ACP12-02 Greater Wash and Humber Gateway Transponder Mandatory Zones (TMZ) 27 Mar 2012
ACP12-03 Introduction of Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) to runway 03 at Cranfield Airport 10 Apr 2012
ACP12-04 Manston Kent International Airport (KIA) RNAV (GNSS) Hold airspace change proposal 13 Jul 2012
ACP12-05 Proposed introduction of Cardiff / Bristol 'Severn' and additional 'Cotswold' control areas 12 Sep 2012
ACP-2011-10 Intro of Cardiff/Bristol 'Severn' and additional 'Cotswold' 12 Sep 2012
ACP12-06 NATS/IAA Irish Sea ACP - Sub proposal 5 - Lowering and extension of ATS route (U)l15 (Ex (U)L6) and introduction of new link routes (U)L28 and (U)Q4 24 Sep 2012
ACP12-10 NATS/IAA Irish Sea ACP - Sub proposal 1 - Introduction of Dublin Point merge - Additional airspace requirements in UK airspace 24 Sep 2012
ACP-2011-05 Dublin point merge - additional airspace requirements 24 Sep 2012
ACP-2011-09 Lowering and extension of ATS route (U)L15 (ex (U)L6) 02 Oct 2012
ACP12-09 NATS/IAA Irish Sea ACP - Sub proposal 2 - Introduction of revised L975, L70 & L10 route structure west of Wallasey - updated to include details of L10 02 Oct 2012
ACP12-08 NATS/IAA Irish Sea ACP - Sub proposal 3 - Introduction of new CDR (U)Y124 - Updated with minor textual changes 02 Oct 2012
ACP12-07 NATS/IAA Irish Sea ACP - Sub proposal 4 - Changes to airways L70 and (U)Y70 in northwest England - Updated with minor textual changes 02 Oct 2012
ACP-2011-06 Introduction of revised L975, L70 and L10 route structure 02 Oct 2012
ACP-2011-07 NATS/IAA proposed introduction of new CDR (U)Y124 02 Oct 2012
ACP-2011-08 Changes to airways L70 and (U)Y70 in northwest England 02 Oct 2012
ACP12-11 Introduction of weekend only route extensions to existing North Sea high level Conditional Routes (CDR) - Bukut Bypass 13 Dec 2012
ACP-2011-12 Intro of weekend only route extensions high level CDRs 13 Dec 2012
ACP12-12 Establishment of an Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) at Lee-on-Solent 19 Dec 2012
Close 2012

Regulatory decisions made before 2012

Reference Title Decision date
ACP08-01 Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield (RHADS) PIR 2 Jul 2008
  Norwich Airport Controlled Airspace PIR 8 March 2012

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