This page gives instructions on how to obtain CAA Publications.

Publication of Safety Critical Information and other Communications

The CAA communicates safety-related and other information to industry by using a three-tiered style communication system that allows the recipient to identify what, if any, action is required.

The system has been running successfully since its implementation in January 2011 and we have received some good feedback. Our ongoing work to enhance the way in which we communicate will ensure that this type of information is being received by the right people and acted upon promptly. As part of this continuing effort, we have conducted a short survey and are pleased to announce the results.  

Subscribe to receive Communications

If you have not subscribed to receive CAA safety-related and other communications already, you may do so on the Subscriptions page.

Subscribing to the ‘Safety Critical Information’ category will mean you will receive all Safety Directives (including Mandatory Permit Directives) and all EASA Emergency Airworthiness Directives. To receive all Safety Notices and all Information Notices you should subscribe to categories ‘Safety Notices’ and ‘Information Notices’. Subscribers only wishing to receive notices relating to their category of interest (e.g. Flight Operations, Aerodromes etc.) should not separately subscribe to receive ‘Safety Notices’ or ‘Information Notices’; otherwise they will receive all notices that are not necessarily applicable to their category of interest.

Any queries can be addressed to

Availability of Publications and Forms

Civil Aviation Authority publications and forms are made freely available in electronic PDF format. In order to view them it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

Additionally, most publications can be obtained as printed paper copies. Where available, a link to enable purchase from The Stationery Office (TSO) will be found on the specific publication information page. All enquiries concerning the supply of printed publications should be directed to TSO in the first instance. Their email address The contact number for TSO’s ‘CAA Customer Services’ is 0333 200 2412

Subscribing to Publication and Form Updates

As well as free access to CAA publications, users of the web site may request email notification of new and amended publications.  This service is detailed in the Subscriptions section.

The revision status of CAA publications is shown on each publication information page.  This is the authoritative source for this information.

How to View a Publication or Form

To view an electronic copy of a publication or form, or complete a form online ready for printing and signing, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader v7 or above installed on your computer. Information on downloading this free product, along with advice on some common problems, can be viewed on our Adobe Acrobat Reader page.

Advice on finding a specific publication or form is given on our Search for a Publication page.

How to Complete a Form Online

We are currently revising our electronic forms to allow you to complete them online, ready for printing, signing, and posting to us. Please read "How to View a Publication or Form" above to ensure you are able to complete them.

A small number of the forms can also be submitted directly to us without needing to be printed and sent in the mail. Further information on completing each form, and where to send it, is provided within the form itself.