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UK Civil Aviation Regulations

These are published by the CAA on our UK Regulations pages. EU Regulations and EASA Access Guides published by EASA no longer apply in the UK. Our website and publications are being reviewed to update all references. Any references to EU law and EASA Access guides should be disregarded and where applicable the equivalent UK versions referred to instead.

The Authorised Party or Certified Designee of an IDERA can remove an existing designation by submitting the CA53 IDERA designation removal form. Once completed, the form should be scanned and emailed to aircraft.reg@caa.co.uk. 

Once the Designation has been removed the IDERA will revert to the Authorised Party.

Filling out CA53

  • The form must be signed by an authorised signatory of the Authorised Party or an authorised signatory of the Certified Designee, usually at director or company secretary level. If the form is signed by another party then power of attorney must explicitly empower the signatory to execute the removal of the designation of the IDERA on behalf of the Authorised Party or Certified Designee (as appropriate).
  • The Authorised Party can revoke the IDERA or remove the Designation without reference to the Certified Designee by using the appropriate form. See IDERA revocation process for more information.

After your form is submitted

  • Once the removal of the IDERA Designation is confirmed a confirmatory email/letter will be sent to the Certified Designee and the Authorised Party
  • If the removal of the Designation of the IDERA cannot be accepted an acknowledgment of receipt and advice on why it has not been accepted will be sent to the Authorised Party or Certified Designee, whichever is appropriate (usually by email).

All communications will be carried out in accordance with our service standards.