• We will shortly be launching a new way to apply for Professional Pilot licences and for additional ratings on existing Professional Pilot Licences. This change will affect applications for the following licences and all ratings associated with them, regardless of the means of training (integrated or modular):

    • Professional Pilot Licences and Ratings for both Aeroplanes and Helicopters – CPL(A) and CPL(H)
    • Airline Transport Pilot Licences and Ratings for both Aeroplanes and Helicopters – ATPL(A) and ATPL(H)
    • Multi-Crew Pilot Licences and Ratings for Aeroplanes - MPL

    Applications that cannot be made using e-Licensing

    The online service will not be available for Private Pilot Licences or any other kind of personnel licences at this time. There is a plan to expand to these areas next year.

    It will also exclude applications for:

    • Change of state of licence
    • Examiner authorities
    • Licence verification

    Information on how your application is progressing and less paperwork

    The new e-Licensing service has been designed to improve the application process for pilots, provide greater transparency regarding the requirements for issue of a licence, and improve visibility of how the application is progressing.

    In most cases you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of paperwork required as part of the process, and we will be removing the need for submission of pilot logbooks to the CAA as part of an application in standard cases.

    We have worked with a number of pilots and other organisations to help make sure we provide a genuine improvement to this service and are confident it will be a better user experience.

    We have also streamlined our internal processing where possible and hope that use of the new system will enable us to reduce the turnaround times for standard applications and provide licences more quickly than before.

    The new system is expected to be launched in early December 2017 and we will look to phase out other means of making an application for these services shortly after, including any other kinds of online or paper applications.
    More information on the e-Licensing service will be made available on these pages soon.