• You can use the e-Licensing system to apply for professional pilot licences and ratings.  

    The online service will not be available for private pilot licences or any other kind of personnel licences at this time. We plan to expand to these areas during 2018.

    It will also exclude applications for:

    • Change of state of licence
    • Examiner authorities
    • Licence verification

      Access e-Licensing

      If you haven't used e-licensing before please follow the steps below which will take you through the registration process. 

      If you already have an account you can log in to e-Licensing immediately via our CAA customer portal.

      Uploading your ID and documents to e-Licensing

      Please ensure that you submit a certified identification document (ID) when requested (please note that this must be a colour copy)  – failure to provide certified ID  will result in your application being put on hold and delayed. 

      For more information on what is acceptable certified documentation please see the 'guidance for making your application' section below.  

      User guides

    • Guidance and resources

    • Professional pilots can make the following applications using e-Licensing:

      • Initial issue of Part-FCL CPL(A)
      • Initial issue of Part-FCL CPL(H)
      • Initial issue of Part-FCL ATPL (A)
      • Initial issue of Part-FCL ATPL (H)
      • Conversion from an existing UK issued JAR-FCL CPL(A)or JAR CPL (A)/IR to Part-FCL
      • Conversion from an existing UK issued JAR-FCL CPL(H) or JAR CPL (H)/IR to Part-FCL
      • Conversion from an existing UK issued JAR-FCL ATPL(A) to Part-FCL
      • Conversion from an existing UK issued JAR-FCL ATPL (H)to Part-FCL
      • Issue, revalidation and renewals of class and type ratings (A) and (H)
      • Issue, revalidation and renewal of IR(A)*
      • Issue, revalidation and renewal of IR(H)*
      • Issue of MPL

      Please see the professional pilot licence section of our website for application guidance and details of exceptions.

      We reserve the right to request your logbooks at any time as part of our quality process. 

      *If you are claiming a credit based on holding a 3rd country ICAO licence, you may use elicensing for application but you will need to have you licence verified and apply on SRG2142 first via our postal service.

      For all other applications where claiming a credit based on holding a 3rd country ICAO licence, please use SRG2142 for licence verification and apply via our postal service.


      Examiners are kindly advised to use our postal application service for any application until elicensing is available for examiner certificates.

      Course completion certificates, together with other supporting documentation, must be used when making applications on e-Licensing.

      Please see the professional pilot licence section of our website for application guidance and details of exceptions.

      You can download course certificates from our website. Certificates specific to e-Licensing are shown below.

      CAA5000  Course Completion Certificate - Integrated Course for issue of Commercial Pilot's Licence
      CAA5001   Report Form for Multi-Crew Cooperation Instructor Test
      CAA5002  Flight Instructor Course Pre-Entry Flight Test Evidence
      CAA5003  Evidence of UK Examination and Test for Grant of Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence
      CAA5004  Confirmation of Theoretical Knowledge Course Completion Certificate
      CAA5005  MPL Course Completion Certificate
      CAA5006 Instructor Course Certificate in Accordance with Part-FCL
      CAA5007   Course Completion Certificate for Extension to the Privileges of an Instructor Certificate
      CAA5008  Course Completion Certificate - Modular Course
      CAA5009  Course completion certificate for en route instrument rating (EIR)
      CAA5010  Certificate of Training or Experience for Grant of Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence
      CAA5011  IR Course Completion Certificate - Aeroplane/Helicopter/Airship Instrument Rating in a Part-FCL Pilot's Licence
      CAA5012  Certificate of English Language Assessment
      CAA5013 Hours Confirmation for the issue of an ATPL
      CAA5014  Breakdown of Military Hours to be used for the issue of a Flight Crew Licence & or rating. 





    • How to get started

      1. Visit our CAA customer portal and enter your email address before choosing a user ID and password. Please see our guidance on how to register for a portal account.

      2. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.


      When you have registered and activated your portal account please follow the steps below:

      1. Enter your username and password.

      2. Enter your personal details and upload identity documentation.

        (We will check your documentation and email you when it has been verified.)

      3. Request access to the e-licensing service.

      Once you have access to the e-licensing system you can:

      1. Select your training organisation (where appropriate).

      2. Select licences and choose the type of application that you want to make (specific licences or ratings).

      3. View your current status and enter any required information to begin an application.

        (Some information may be provided by your training organisation)

      4. Pay and submit your application.
      1. Once you have submitted an application we will check the information and documents that you have provided.

      2. Please respond promptly to requests for further information.  This will help speed up the processing of your application.

      3. You can check the status of your application at any time in your online account.

      When your licence is ready to issue we will post it out to you.

      You can set up courier details when you apply or request that you collect the licence in person.

    • Guidance for making your application

    • When you register for a CAA portal account, you must upload a picture ID. This is a standard, uncertified copy of your ID so that we can check the personal details you provided in your registration are correct.

      Once we have completed the registration process, you will receive an email saying we have verified your ID. This simply means that we have accepted you as an account holder.

      When you come to make a licensing application using e-Licensing, you still need to submit a certified copy of your ID, as per the paper application process. This should be done as part of the application process.

      Under “Identification check” in the application work flow, you will see two options:

      1. have your ID checked by CAA or a CAA Certified ATO
      2. submit a certified document to verify your identification

      If you select the first option “I will have my ID checked by CAA or a CAA Certified ATO” you must:

      • attend your ATO in person with your original ID document
      • your ATO will check the original document against the ID information you submitted as part of the registration process
      • your ATO will be able to validate your ID.

      You will be unable to submit your application until this process is complete.

      Alternatively, you can select the second option “I will submit a certified document to verify my identification”.
      You will then be asked to upload an ID document under “Documents” in the application work flow. This is where you should attach the file.

      Please note that the copy must be in colour and it must be certified.

      For more information please see our guidance on certification

      Please ensure that Certified ID is provided when requested - failure to provide accurate documentation will result in your application being significantly delayed.

      Please see our guidance on how to get your documentation certified.

      You will need to provide a copy of your licence whenever you are asked to upload a document under the heading “Update Ratings”. 

      If your licence is as issued by the CAA (there are no handwritten additions to your licence) you can upload a photocopy of your licence.

      If you have had any ratings signed up on your licence, you will need to provide a certified copy of your licence.

      How to certify ID or a document

      Example of a certified document

      You will be asked to upload documents in support of your licensing application.

      We can accept JPEG and PDF files up to 20MG in size.

      Please ensure any document copies you provide are clear and legible - failure to do so may result in delays to your application. 

      The most commonly requested documents are as follows:

      • Identification document: this is a certified colour copy of your ID

      • Update ratings: this is a copy of your licence. Please note that if you have had any ratings signed up on to your licence by an examiner, your licence copy must be certified

      • Skills test: this is your examiner report form - plus any additional supporting documents such as SRG1158 for LVO, the Examiner's license, medical and approval (if they are a non-UK examiner), the ATO approval (if a non-UK ATO). 

      • ATO course certificate: this is your Course Completion Certificate

      The eLicensing system will only allow you to upload one document per category.  Therefore if you have multiple pages to upload, you will need to scan them as 1 PDF file.

      You can view the documents you have uploaded as part of an application in the “My Documents” section of your CAA portal account. 

      If you realise that you have uploaded the wrong document, or we request additional information from you, you can amend these documents in the “My Documents” section of your portal account. To find the document in question you can view each document by clicking the “i” button. Clicking the “Edit this document” button  will allow you to amend your text entries and replace the uploaded document.   

      Using this method, we will automatically receive a notification in eLicensing advising us that you have made a change.

      Please note that you cannot amend submissions once they have been “verified” by us - as this means we have accepted the document.

      You can also upload additional supporting documents under the “my documents” section of your portal. However, you will need to select the correct type of document from the drop down list - please be aware that if you do not select the correct type the document you upload will not link to your application and we will not be able to view it.

      We suggest you find the documents you have already provided as part of your application and upload the new document under the same name. The document type is listed first and the name you have given the document appears in brackets. For example Type Rating (A) Update Ratings (copy of licence). “Type Rating (A) Update Ratings” is the type of document and “copy of licence” is the file name you gave it.

      Please note that we do not get an notification when you have uploaded new documents in this way - so you will need to email us.

      If you sat your theoretical exams 10 or more years ago, your results will not be on our online system and therefore will show as red in e-Licensing.

      This will prevent you from applying for certain licensing applications.

      We can manually update this for you if you email FCL-EExams@caa.co.uk with your request. 

      Using the paper application process, ratings were only updated in our system at the time of processing a new application. Therefore, if you have had ratings signed up in the field since your last application with us, these ratings may show as expired on our system.

      Pilots using e-Licensing must keep their rating information up to date on their portal themselves.

      How to update your details

      Before you make an application, you should go to “My Ratings” and then “Update Ratings Validity”. You will need to input the date of test and the examiners details, and this will amend the rating validity in eLicensing. You should do this for every rating you hold.

      This information will be verified by the CAA at the time of your next application.

    • Contact us

      For support using e-Licensing you can call us on 0330 022 1909.

      • Select option 1 if you are having issues logging in to your portal account.
      • Select option 3 if you have a query relating to an e-Licensing application.

      Alternatively you can email us at FCLweb@caa.co.uk.

      To book a same day service appointment, please call our booking line on 0330 022 1922.

      Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 08.30-16.30.