• Re-issue of FAA Certificates for UK licences issued after 17 September 2012

    Following the introduction of harmonized European pilot licences, pilots holding a UK ‘National’ or EASA licence, who also hold an ‘FAA Certificate’ allowing them to fly in the United States, must have the document reissued by the FAA to retain its validity. This is an FAA requirement, following format changes to European licences.

    This arrangement avoids the need for pilots to travel to the US for verification of identity, as the FAA has confirmed that pilots can have the certificate reissued outside the United States. Pilots should contact the UK CAA's licensing service to arrange the re-issue.

    Under normal circumstances, pilots with an FAA Certificate would have been required to travel to an FAA Flight Standards District Office in the United States to comply with identification requirements. The CAA recognizes the cost and inconvenience this will cause to pilots and therefore, in conjunction with the FAA’s Flight Standards Service, has decided to grant a deviation from this particular requirement in certain instances.

    This process only applies to pilots who:

    • hold a UK issued National or EASA licence
    • live outside the United States
    • currently hold FAA pilot Certificates that were issued on the basis of a UK licence and are annotated with the following remark: “Issued on the basis of and valid only when accompanied by United Kingdom pilot licence number(s)...”

    Pilots have until October 2018 to have their FAA Certificate reissued.

    The FAA has instructed the UK CAA that personal identity must be verified in person.

    To do this, pilots must visit the Gatwick over-the-counter service by visiting our office at:

    Aviation House
    South Area Gatwick Airport
    West Sussex RH6 0YR

    The Gatwick counter is open from 08.30 – 16.30 between Monday and Friday.

    What to bring

    • A completed form SRG 2110
    • Details of your previous FAR 61.75 certificate
    • Official photographic ID bearing your signature (EU driving licence or passport)
    • A utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill with your address on it
    • There will be a fee of £45 to pay

    What happens next

    The CAA will then send the relevant paperwork to the FAA licensing centre in Oklahoma City.

    The FAA in USA will then issue a new FAA certificate directly to the pilot.


    This process will not be available if:

    • the current FAA airmen certificate was not issued on the basis of a UK issued licence, meaning that there is no remark annotated on the back of your FAA airman certificate.
    • the current FAA airmen certificate was initially issued on the basis of another EASA member state licence other than the UK.
      • o e.g. the pilot changed the state of licence from France to the UK. If the FAA airman certificate has remarks related to the French licence the FAR61.75 verification is not possible.
    • pilots want to add a new level of licence (example PPL to CPL) or ratings to their existing FAA airman certificate.
    • the pilot is a resident in the USA

    Pilots will be refused the FAR61.75 if the old UK licence number quoted does not match the UK licence number that is held on the FAA system. In these cases please contact the UK CAA.

    If any of the exceptions above apply, please follow the standard licence verification process.

    For more information please contact us on fclweb@caa.co.uk or email the FAA on foreign-verification@faa.gov.

    Guidance from the FAA