• E-exams: register and book an exam

    To take a flight crew exam you need to register on the TASMAN e-exam system.

    Once you have registered, or if you are registered already, you can book an e-exam.

    Flight crew exams take place at specific places and at specific times. See the e-exams timetable for details of upcoming exam sessions.

    Before you sit any exam, you must read the following:

    New format for exams from 14 August 2017

    Please see below for details of the new questions styles and other changes that will take effect in August.
  • Supplied, approved and prohibited items

    There are strict rules about what you can take into an exam.

    You will be supplied with the following items:

    • Rough working paper
    • Pen and pencil
    • Workbooks

    Depending on the specific exam you are taking, you may be allowed to bring the followingapproved items:

    • Clear plastic ruler
    • Approved calculators (the approved models are: Casio FX 83/85/300 series; Sharp EL-W531/531 series; Citizen SR-260; Texas Instruments TI-30XS)
    • Approved flight computers –  CRP-1; CRP-5/CR-3/CR-6; ARC-2:
    • Jeppesen Training Route Manual
    • Protractor / plotter
    • Compass and dividers (without case)
    • Fine tip marker

    You are not allowed to bring the following prohibited items into the exam:

    • Pencil case
    • Mobile phone
    • Watch
    • Recording or communication equipment/devices
    • Writing equipment

    Technical review requests

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    Candidates and Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) may raise concerns or challenge the accuracy and effectiveness of an examination question, or supporting materials.  The CAA thoroughly reviews all such instances via the following two protocols and results may be amended where genuine issues are identified.

    1) Examination Performance Management Programme

    To maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the examination content.

    This includes:

    • routine review of all presented questions;
    • statistical analysis;
    • trend monitoring of question results;
    • a review of all candidate comments.

    With e-Examinations, candidates can make comments during and at the end of the test. The comments are made by clicking on the pencil icon presented on screen and this prompts a text box to appear for comments to be entered. Entering a comment during the examination does not constitute a Full Review but every comment is reviewed by the CAA.

    2) Full Review

    A candidate can request a Full Review which is described as a comprehensive investigation into the accuracy and integrity of examination content and materials delivered to the candidate during a specific test.

    • The Full Review must be formally instructed by the candidate by requesting a "Review" in their results portal page;
    • It must be requested within 14 calendar days of the examination in question.

    The full examination review fee should be paid by the candidate at the time of request, which is fully refundable if an error is found and the candidate marks are adjusted accordingly.

    The CAA endeavours to complete this service within 10 workings days of receipt of the request. A message notification, explaining the findings and closing actions will be added to the ‘User Messages’ area in the candidate e-Exam portal.