• You will be required to submit your flying logbook(s) in support of certain licensing applications. Where this is necessary, you may choose to submit your original logbook(s) or alternatively a certified copy.

    If you choose to submit your original logbook(s), you must ensure that the ‘Personal Details’ page of your logbook has been fully completed. This is to ensure that the licensing department can determine with full certainty who the flying hours belong to. Logbooks received with a blank personal details section will be posted back to the sender, thus delaying their application.

    Original logbooks can be submitted by post, in which case a covering letter must be enclosed, or they may be dropped off at our Gatwick office in person. Please note that if you chose to submit your logbooks in person, our licensing team will not review your application or be able to answer queries. For a document checking service, you will need to book an appointment (please link to the counter appointments page).

    Logbook evidence must be submitted for the following applications:

    • Initial issue of a licence
    • Initial issue of a rating (if applicable)
    • Rating transfer from a license held outside the UK 

    Please note that our staff are unable to advise you on how many logbooks to submit. You will need to submit sufficient logbook evidence to cover the requirements of the licence/rating you are applying for.

    Please note for ATPL applications, you may obtain written confirmation of your hours from your UK Operator in lieu of submitting your logbook.

    The CAA retains the right to request a pilot’s original logbook at any time.