• You will be required to submit your flying logbook(s) in support of certain licensing applications. Where this is necessary, you may choose to submit your original logbook(s) or alternatively a certified copy.

    When you send us copies of your logbook(s), they can be certified by one of the following authorised people:

    • the Head of training at your approved training organisation
    • the Head of Flight Standards at an Air Operator Certificate holder or authorised signatory
    • a UK-approved Examiner
    • the EASA approved Examiner that conducted your skills test 
    • a Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)
    • a Base Captain or Fleet Manager

    The certifier must write the following on the copy:

    the declaration “I have seen the original document and I certify that this is a complete and accurate copy of the original logbook for (applicant name)”

    • his/her signature
    • his/her name (in block capitals)
    • his/her position or capacity (e.g. "Head of approved training organisation")
    • his/her CAA reference number (where applicable)
    • the date

    The certifier only needs to sign the first page, but must have verified all pages.

    The CAA is unable to photocopy and certify logbooks. This must have been done before the application is sent to us.

    The CAA is also unable to print long logbook entries, so certified copies of logbooks should be submitted by post. Please ensure you include a copy of the ‘personal details’ page of your logbook to help us to match this up to your records.

    Certified copies of logbook(s) must clearly identify all the requisite experience requirements relevant to the licence or rating application submitted. Our staff are unable to advise you on how many pages to submit. You will need to submit sufficient logbook evidence to cover the requirements of the licence/rating you are applying for.

    Logbook evidence must be submitted for the following applications:

    • Initial issue of a licence
    • Initial issue of a rating (if applicable)
    • Rating transfer from a license held outside the UK 

    Please note for ATPL applications, you may obtain written confirmation of your hours from your UK Operator in lieu of submitting your logbook.

    The CAA retains the right to request a pilot’s original logbook at any time.