• Transferring to the UK from another EASA state

    In order to change the state of licence issue of a JAR or Part FCL licence issued by another member state to the UK, all medical records must be transferred from your current NAA to the UK before we are able to issue a UK EASA Part-FCL Licence.  

    Please see our guidance about the medical requirements for a change of state application

    Once the medical requirements have been met, the following documents should be submitted to the Licensing Department:

    • Application form SRG1136
    • Current fee as per the Scheme of Charges 
    • Certified true copy of existing licence
    • Certified true copy of existing Part-MED Medical Certificate
    • Certified true colour copy of photographic ID (passport or valid EEA/EU National Identity Card or full EU photographic driving licence)
    • Certified true copy of Part-FCL/JAR ATPL exam results (if applicable)

  • How to apply

    Stage one

    You can send your application by email to Licenceapplications@caa.co.uk

    or by post to:

    Flight Crew Licensing, SSC
    Aviation House
    Beehive Ring Road
    West Sussex
    RH6 0YR

    Stage two

    Your application will be assessed within our standard turnaround time. Once we have reviewed your paperwork, we will request confirmation of the licences and privileges you hold from your current NAA.

    We do this by requesting a Doc 155 (a standard template used throughout Europe). 

    Stage three

    Once we receive the Doc 155, your application will be reassessed again within our standard turnaround time. 
    If there are any discrepancies between your application and the Doc 155, we may seek further clarification from your NAA, which may delay the process. 
    When we are satisfied, we will email you asking you to surrender your current licence. This is because a pilot may only hold one EASA licence at a time and therefore you must give up your current licence before we can issue your new UK EASA licence. 

    Stage four

    Once we have received your surrendered licence, we will be able to issue your new UK EASA licence. However, this will be subject to our standard turnaround times again. 
    You may choose to send your original licence in with your application, which will significantly speed up the process. However, you will not be able to fly during this time.

    Processing time

    Given that there are several steps to this type of application and given that we are reliant on the cooperation and turnaround times of other authorities, Change of State applications can take several months to complete. 
    Please factor this in when you make your application, as we are not normally able to speed up the process.

    Transferring to another EASA state from the UK

    If you currently hold an EASA licence issued by the UK CAA and wish to transfer it to another state, you must contact the relevant member state and follow their application process.

    The other NAA will contact us to provide a Doc 155, which is a confirmation of your licensing details. 

    Due to GDPR, we need your permission to release your licensing information. You will therefore need to submit application form SRG2150 to us with a certified copy of your current licence. Please note that you will also have to pay the fee of £45, which is the administrative fee for us processing the Doc 155 request. 

    Once we receive both your application form and the written request from the other authority, we will provide the Doc 155 within our standard turnaround time. 

    When applying for a Change of State of licence issue please ensure you complete both the SOLI application form SRG1202 and the Part-FCL transfer form SRG2150. Please ensure you provide all additional documents requested and submit the relevant fee’s.

    Soli transfer form