• Changes to registered mortgages must be recorded with the CAA. This can include any change to the parties involved in the original mortgage, a change of address of any of the parties or a change in the description of the mortgaged aircraft.

    You will need to fill in a form and pay the fee specified in Forms and Fees.

    Once a Change in Particulars is entered on the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages, Aircraft Registration will inform all parties concerned with the mortgage by email or letter in accordance with our Service Standards.

    How to enter changes to registered mortgages

    Complete form CA1760

    To enter changes to registered mortgages, use form CA1760 Change in Particulars.

    The form must be signed by both the mortgagee and mortgagor.

    If either the mortgagee or mortgagor changes (e.g. the mortgage is reassigned) then all the original and new parties should sign the Change in Particulars form.

    As the Change in Particulars form is designed to accommodate any number of changes, the actual change being notified should be detailed in full in the blank space provided.

    Please note: as form CA1760 needs to be signed it cannot be directly submitted online. It must be printed and signed, but may subsequently be scanned and emailed to the CAA or returned by fax.

    Pay the specified fee using form CA2

    You will need to send debit/credit card payment details using form CA2. If we do not receive the fee with the application then we will be unable to process it.