• Once a mortgage has been completed, the CAA must be informed in order that we can update the register of aircraft mortgages to reflect the change. You will need to complete a form and send a copy of the certificate of discharge or equivalent document.

    There is no fee for the registration of the discharge of an aircraft mortgage.

    Mortgages are deemed to have been discharged from the date and time of receipt by the CAA (subject to the opening hours of the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages, 10:00 - 16:00 weekdays) and not when the mortgage itself was completed.

    Once printed and signed all documentation can be submitted as a scanned document via email to aircraft.reg@caa.co.uk .If all the relevant information has been submitted as scanned documents there is no requirement to send in hard copy originals.

    Once a mortgage discharge is entered on the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages, Aircraft Registration will inform all parties concerned with the mortgage by email or letter in accordance with our Service Standards.

    For more information, contact the CAA Aircraft Registration section.

    How to discharge a registered mortgage

    Complete form CA1577c

    To discharge a mortgage from the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages please complete form CA1577c Discharge of Aircraft Mortgage.

    Please note: as form CA1577c needs to be signed by (or on behalf of) the mortgagee it cannot be directly submitted online. It must be printed and signed, but may subsequently be scanned and emailed to the CAA or returned by fax.

    Send us a copy of the Deed of Discharge or equivalent document

    Please send us a copy of the deed of discharge or any other document which shows the mortgage has been completed by the mortgagee. This can be scanned and emailed along with form CA1577c.