• Certification after Meningitis/Encephalitis/Brain abscess

    Once there has been clinical resolution of the infection with no lasting neurological deficit the remaining risk is the development of epilepsy.  Aseptic viral meningitis carries no significant risk, bacterial (pyogenic) meningitis a small increase, viral encephalitis a moderate risk and cerebral abscess a high risk. 

    Condition Class 2
     Aseptic viral meningitis  Unrestricted after 6 months
     Bacterial meningitis
       - Without seizure
       - With seizure (in acute phase) 
     Unrestricted after 12 months
     Unrestricted after 2 years

     Viral Encephalitis
       - Without seizure
       - With seizure (in acute phase) 

     Unrestricted after 18 months
     Unrestricted after 3 years
     Cerebral abscess  Not possible