• The following are the requirements for the medical certification of aircrew, including guidance material issued by the UK CAA Medical Department in relation to Infectious diseases. 

    Implementing Rules

    Acceptable Means of Compliance

    Guidance Material

    MED.B.040 Infectious Disease

    (a) Applicants shall have no established medical history or clinical diagnosis of any infectious disease which is likely to interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of the applicable licence held. Class 1

    (a) Infectious disease - General In cases of infectious disease, consideration should be given to a history of, or clinical signs indicating, underlying impairment of the immune system.

    Class 1
    (b) Tuberculosis
    Applicants with active tuberculosis should be assessed as unfit.  A fit assessment may be considered following completion of therapy.

    Class 2
    (a) Tuberculosis
    Applicants with active tuberculosis should be assessed as unfit until completion of therapy.

    Class 1
    (c) Syphilis
    Acute syphilis is disqualifying.  A fit assessment may be considered in the case of those fully treated and recovered from the primary and secondary stages.

    Infectious disease - General

    Refer to Malaria document for further guidance.

    Class 1
    (e) Infectious hepatitis
    Infectious hepatitis is disqualifying.  A fit assessment may be considered after full recovery.

    Infectious hepatitis

    Refer to Hepatitis ABC document for further guidance.

    Refer to Interferon document for further guidance.

    (b) Applicants who are HIV positive may be assessed as fit subject to satisfactory aeromedical evaluation.  Applicants for a class 1 medical certificate shall be referred to the licensing authority.

    Class 1
    (d) HIV infection
       (1) HIV positivity is disqualifying.  A fit assessment with a multi-pilot limitation may be considered for individuals with stable, non-progressive disease.  Frequent review is required.
       (2) The occurrence of AIDS or AIDS related complex is disqualifying.

    HIV infection

    Class 2
    (b) HIV infection
    A fit assessment may be considered for HIV positive individuals with stable, non-progressive disease if full investigation provides no evidence of HIV-associated diseases that might give rise to incapacitating symptoms.