• The following are the requirements for the medical certification of aircrew, including guidance material issued by the UK CAA Medical Department in relation to the dermatology system.


    Implementing Rules

    Acceptable Means of Compliance

    Guidance Material


    Dermatology Applicants shall have no established dermatological condition likely to interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of the applicable licence(s) held.

    Class 1
    a) Referral to the licensing authority should be made if doubt exists about the fitness of an applicant with eczema (exogenous and endogenous), severe psoriasis, bacterial infections, drug induced, or bullous eruptions or urticaria.
    (b) Systemic effects of radiant or pharmacological treatment for a dermatological condition should be considered before fit assessment.


    See  Dermatological conditions guidance material.

    Isotretinoin policy

    Other relevant documents

    Malignant melanoma (PDF)  in Oncology

    Class 1 and 2
    (c) In cases where a dermatological condition is associated with a systemic illness, full consideration should be given to the underlying illness before a fit assessment.