• The EASA regulations for pilot licensing and medical have been introduced in the UK.  A quick guide is available which includes guidance on which medical certificate is required for each licence.  Applicants are advised to read this carefully to decide which licence they require and therefore which medical certificate to apply for.  Please note that only one EU medical certificate may be held at any one time.

  • Regulatory requirements

    UK AMC15 MED.B.095 Colour vision (LAPL)

    a)  Applicants for a night rating should correctly identify the first 15 plates of the Ishihara test (24 plate version), presented in a random order, are identified without error, or be colour safe.

    (b) Those failing the Ishihara test should be examined either by:

    • (1) Anomaloscopy (Nagel or equivalent). This test is considered passed if the colour match shows normal trichromacy, i.e. a matching midpoint of 36-40 scale units and the matching range is 4 scale units or less;

    or by 

    •  (2) Colour Assessment and Diagnosis (CAD) Test. This is considered passed if the threshold is less than 6 SU for deutan deficiency, or less than 12 SU for protan deficiency. A threshold greater than 2SU for tritan deficiency indicates an acquired cause which should be investigated.

    Referral to an AME

    Where a GP is unable to complete an assessment or the fitness decision has to be made by an AME, the GP should provide relevant information for the applicant to take to the AME for assessment.  Most applicants who do not meet the DVLA Group 2 medical standards should normally be referred to an AME for assessment. Those only meeting the car driving (DVLA Group 1) standard may be assessed  by an AME for restricted certification. A referral form is available. 

    Useful documents

    Submission of results of assessments by GPs to the CAA

    The results of assessments are submitted to the CAA by completing an online form.  

    Please ensure you read the instructions for completing the Online form prior to submission. If the form is completed incorrectly this will produce a certificate with incorrect validity dates.

    1. When you click the submit button you will receive an on-screen message containing the reference number of the application and a link to the SRG1207 Medical Certificate.

    2. You will need to print and sign the certificate and have the applicant sign it too. In the 'stamp' field please apply your practice stamp and annotate it with your GMC number. 

    3. You will need to give the signed certificate to the applicant and you must keep a copy of the certificate in the applicant's NHS (or military) medical records.

    4. You will receive an e-mail confirming the submission of the form within a few minutes.  You do not need to reply to the e-mail, but you must click on  the link to access the medical certificate in order to print it.  Please report any fault with this service to the CAA webmaster

    Guidance on using the online form with Google Chrome

    The browser Chrome includes a plug-in for viewing PDF files, this is designed to give you faster browsing to this type of file.

    Unfortunately, the Chrome plug-in is basic and lacks many useful features like pagination and bookmarks. It also prevents the CAA PDF form being 'submitted' on-line.

    To overcome this problem in Chrome, it is possible to turn the plug-in off and use the standard Acrobat reader software to complete and submit the CAA on-line forms.

    To do this, you need to have your Chrome browser open and type chrome://plugins/ into your address bar, when this has opened up options you will be able to turn off the Chrome PDF plug-in. 

    When you have done this you will be able to submit the PDF form.

    If you experience a change in your health status you must cease flying immediately, refer to the guidance on your medical certificate and seek the advice of your AME or your GP if he/she issued your last medical certificate.

    The UK CAA has developed a procedure for returning to flying.