• The following are the requirements for the medical certification of aircrew, including guidance material issued by the UK CAA Medical Department

    Implementing Rules

    Acceptable Means of Compliance

    Guidance Material

    MED.D.040 Requirements for occupational health medical practitioners

    OHMPs shall only conduct aeromedical assessments of cabin crew if:

    (a) the competent authority is satisfied that the relevant national occupational health system can ensure compliance with the applicable requirements of this Part;

    (a) OHMPs wishing to conduct aeromedical assessments of cabin crew must be authorised by the CAA.

    Requests for authorisation must be submitted to the CAA Medical Department.

    (b) they are licensed in the practice of medicine and qualified in occupational medicine in accordance with national law; and (b) The OHMP must be registered with the General Medical Council, hold a licence to practice and be qualified in Occupational Medicine. Acceptable qualifications include MFOM, AFOM and the Dip Occ Med.
    (c) have acquired knowledge in aviation medicine as relevant to the operating environment of cabin crew

    (c) Successful completion of the Basic Course in Aviation Medicine at King’s College, London would be accepted for this purpose, but other formal or informal training / experience will also be considered. 

    The OHMP should provide full details of their experience, including details of any formal training or courses, on the application form.