• For the purpose of maintaining AME Certification AMEs are required to complete 20 hours of aviation medicine refresher training over a 3 year period.  A proportionate amount of this training should be provided by, or conducted under the direct supervision of, the Authority.  In order to meet this requirement and to address some common issues arising from the AME oversight programme, and AME feedback to the CAA, the CAA are presenting a series of AME seminars.  Please note that there will be a charge of £50 for attending each seminar, including the ones held at Gatwick.

    The Programme

    Topics covered will include:

    • Casework and case management (all classes) 
    • AME Online -  when and how to use casework, contact management, scanning tab and loading extra tests.
    • Loading and coding of ECGs. 
    • A presentation from our legal team on legal and enforcement issues that relate to AME Practice. 
    • Quality assurance & medical governance. 

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    CAA  AME Seminar