• Aeromedical Examiners (AMEs) are doctors with specialist aviation medicine training.  They are certificated by the CAA to carry out aircrew and Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) medical examinations and to give aviation medicine advice, as necessary.  

    There are two certification types, based on the training and experience level of the AME.  These determine which class of certificate (professional, private and/or ATCO) they can assess.  

    • AMEs that can undertake Class 2 and Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL)
    • AMEs that can undertake Class 1, 2, 3 and LAPL  

    Aeromedical Examiner Initial Certification: 

    The initial certification of new Aeromedical Examiners is currently on hold due to the impending implementation of a new medical computer system. 

    Aviation Medicine Training 

    In the UK, King’s College London run Basic and Advanced Aviation Medicine training courses.  Further information regarding the courses can be found here: Basic Aviation Medicine and Advanced Aviation Medicine.

    Please check the CAA’s  Policy for the Certification of AMEs for details on the minimum requirements you need to meet before applying. 

  • Charges payable to the CAA are detailed in the CAA's Scheme of Charges (Personnel Licensing)

    AMEs are required to submit the results of medical assessments electronically via the CAA's Cellma Medical Records System.

    All AMEs are required to have the necessary equipment and procedures in place to undertake Aeromedical examinations. This form must be completed for each new AME Premises.

    To maintain certification, AMEs are required to demonstrate that they have completed a minimum of 10 hours of aeromedical CPD per annum. This must be recorded on the CAA e learning platform and is subject to regular audit.

    Submissions of an AME Return to the CAA are now completed via the E-Learning platform

    To maintain certification, AMEs must undertake a minimum of 10 aeromedical examinations every year.

    AME Practices are subject to Audit Visits by the CAA.


    This policy is currently under review and will be published shortly.