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A gyroplane is defined as a rotorcraft with a non-power driven rotor rotating about an axis which is vertical, or nearly so, when the aircraft is in horizontal flight.

Gyroplanes in the UK are classified by their Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW) and whether they are commercially manufactured aircraft or Amateur Built aircraft.

Commercially Manufactured Gyroplanes

Commercially manufactured gyroplanes with a MTOW above 560 kg are included within the Basic Regulation Type Certified in accordance with Part 21.

Commercially manufactured gyroplanes with a MTOW of 560 kg or below are excluded from the basic regulation so are Type Approved under the Air Navigation Order in accordance with BCAR Section T. A list of UK Type Approved gyroplanes is here.

Amateur Built Gyroplanes

Amateur built gyroplanes are also excluded from the Basic Regulation and the CAA has delegated the initial airworthiness and approval of modifications to the Light Aircraft Association (LAA).