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We strongly recommend using our PDRA01 Operations Manual template.

Using our template is the easiest way to create a manual that will comply with the regulations.

CAP 2606 - PDRA01 Operations Manual Template

What to include in your PDRA01 Operations Manual

We've provided the following information for Operators who wish to create their own manual.

Even if you decide to create your own manual, we recommend using our template as a guide.

Your manual must include the following:

• Safety statement

• Safety policy

• Insurance

• Nominated Personnel

• Responsibilities and duties of the UAS Operator, Remote Pilot and support personnel

• Qualification, role training, currency and competency

• Crew health

• Security and privacy

• Flight operations details:

  • Type of operation
  • Multiple simultaneous operation of UAS
  • Radio licensing requirements
  • Methods to determine the feasibility of the operation
  • Pre-notification to third parties
  • Communications
  • Assessment of environmental conditions
  • Site procedures
  • Cordon procedure
  • Pre-flight procedures: Assembly and function checks
  • In-flight procedures
  • Post-flight and between flight checks
  • Flight Safety Program
  • Specific emergency procedures
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Airprox reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Logs and records

• UAS description:

  • Details of UAS
  • UA performance characteristics
  • UAS environmental limitations
  • Fuel
  • Batteries
  • Engines and propellers
  • Navigation
  • C2 link
  • Geo-awareness
  • Modifications to the system

• Feasibility study form

• Site survey form

• Pre-flight briefing form

• Debriefing form

• Occurrence and airprox reporting form