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Update - July 2022

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has published its final report on our findings following our review of airspace in the Cotswold region and has announced which volumes of airspace the process will seek to amend, as well what other processes can be used to improve UK airspace.

As part of our airspace classification review process, we have been working closely with a wide range of stakeholders on reviewing the airspace in the Cotswold region. As well as improving our relationship with the GA community, airfields, the military users of Airspace, and air traffic service providers, the review has also looked to new, innovative solutions region. Our new Airspace Analyser Tool has been particularly helpful in forming an evidence-based picture of how specific volumes are being used.

Following the review, we can announce our final plan for which volumes will be taken through to the Amend stage and what other steps we are taking to make further positive changes to volumes of airspace using other methods.

Our final plan

Volumes to Amend under the CAP 1991 Process:

  • Daventry CTA 6 - This volume will be taken forward to the amend phase of our process.

Volumes where positive changes can be made via another mechanism:

  • RAF Lyneham ATZ - This will be disestablished and removed from the AIP.
  • Restricted Areas: R154 / R155 / R322 - These will be disestablished via a CAP 1616 Level 0 airspace change.
  • Areas of Intense Air Activity (AIAAs) - We have passed our findings to the Off Route Airspace Team within Airspace Regulation who will instigate a UK review.

For more information about the results of the review into the Cotswold region please read our final report.

Update - January 2022

The UK Civil Aviation Authority  launched a feedback exercise on its report setting out its draft findings into the Cotswold Region as part of the regional airspace classification review. The report sets out our findings on the airspace usage, including an overview of the different airspace authorities operating within the region, as well as the type and scale of aviation activity in the region. The report presents an overview of our evidence and recommendations, together with an initial plan of volumes that could be  taken to the amend stage of the procedure.

We invited feedback on our methodology used in deciding on the volumes proposed as part of our initial plan; as we wanted to make sure we did not misinterpret any of the feedback received.

The information has been  used to inform the airspace volumes we take forward to the amend stage of the procedure, as well as our approach to our other recommendations.

Close Update - January 2022

Update - August 2021

We carried out our first review in the Cotswold Region and  produced a report which details what we know about airspace usage within the Cotswold Region, taking airspace composition, existing Airspace Change Proposals (ACPs) and safety data into account.

We invited stakeholders to review this report and to use it as background information to enable them to share their experiences of operating within this region through our online survey.

We also produced a document answering some of the reoccurring questions asked by stakeholders in relation to the CAA’s Airspace Classification Review procedure. This particularly aims to assist those participating in this, our first review of airspace in the Cotswold Region.

Close Update - August 2021

Update - April 2021

We  completed our detailed analysis of the consultation responses received from our call for suggested airspace for review, which was held between December 2019 and March 2020.

To support the information supplied in the consultation, additional data is required to enable us to move some proposals towards the Amend phase of the Airspace Classification Review process.

Read more details in this Airspace Classification update.

Close Update - April 2021

Update - January 2021

We identified 55 distinct airspace volumes from the consultation responses received in March  2020. The review will identify those areas which have the potential of moving them to the Amend phase.

We published more details in our January 2021 Airspace Classification update.

Close Update - January 2021

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If you have any questions, comments or data relevant to the region we are currently reviewing, please contact us at airspace.classification@caa.co.uk

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