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The groups of aircraft operating on a BCAR A3-7 Permit to Fly that require an approved programme are:

  • Any aircraft with an engine (single) horsepower of greater than 450 hp.
  • Any aircraft with multiple piston engines.
  • Any aircraft with a turbine engine (single or multiple).
  • Any aircraft classified as Complex (BCAR A8-25 Supplement 2).
  • Any aircraft operated in accordance with an approval issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

This application process is applicable to:

  • The direct approval of maintenance programmes by the CAA.
  • The notification of indirectly approved maintenance programmes by UK BCAR A8-25 approved organisations (holding the necessary privileges).

How do I apply?

You will need to complete form Application for Approval or Notification of the Indirect Approval, of a Maintenance Programme (SRG1766) and send to apply@caa.co.uk.

Form SRG1766 acts as a single form, for Permit to Fly aircraft only, it is an application and checklist combined. The SRG1766 form allows the applicant to confirm if the programme is to be approved directly by us or indirectly by A8-25 CAMO (with appropriate privileges) and/or whether the submission is an amendment to an existing programme.

If the application is for a new programme, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Shared Service Centre (SSC) will review the application and allocate the applicant a CAA maintenance programme number reference, informing the applicant by return e-mail (format MP/xxx/xx).

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How much does it cost?

No charge shall be payable if the application is supported by an organisation holding a BCAR A8-25 approval.

The cost for making an application directly to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for the approval of an aircraft maintenance schedule or programme which is based on or different to the military publications or aircraft manufacturer's recommended schedule or programme, is in accordance with the CAA Airworthiness Scheme of Charges section on 'Approval of aircraft maintenance schedules or programmes'.

In the case of any discrepancies, the Official Record Series 5, CAA Scheme of Charges (Airworthiness, Noise Certification and Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Emissions) will be applied.

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What do I need to send with my application?

Once the applicant has the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) maintenance programme number reference, a completed maintenance programme should be supplied using the reference number provided.

We provide a template for the maintenance programme.

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How long will it take for my application to be processed?

We will begin assessment within 10 working days and approval will be granted when the programme satisfactorily addresses the relevant requirements.

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What happens next?

We will assess the programme and when satisfied that it meets the applicable requirements we will email confirmation of the programme approval / acknowledgement.

(Direct approval will be carried out by us, for an indirect approval the applicant will receive an acknowledgement letter from Shared Service Centre (SSC)).

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How long is it valid for?

The programme will remain approved unless suspended, cancelled or revoked.

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