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Upon diagnosis of an infectious respiratory illness (such as community acquired pneumonia, COVID19, or others), a pilot or air traffic control officer (ATCO) should cease flying / controlling and seek medical advice from the National Health Service (NHS) as appropriate. A pilot or ATCO may return to flying / controlling upon satisfactory and full recovery from symptoms, in consultation with their aeromedical examiner (AME).

In cases of hospital admission, or where there is incomplete recovery, or a need for on-going treatment, an assessment of fitness by an AME should be undertaken, with all available medical reports. In all cases of impaired respiratory function, a review by a respiratory consultant, with lung function testing as appropriate, should be undertaken.

Class 1 and 3 applicants with enduring impairment of respiratory, cardiovascular or neurological function, or long COVID, should be referred to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for assessment with medical reports from treating specialists.

Further information on current guidance is available from the NHS and GOV.UK websites.