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With the COVID pandemic exemptions, and occasionally in normal times following prolonged absence from flying / maintaining certification, investigation (for example, ECG, audiogram, comprehensive eye examination) validity / periodicity may get out of synch with the medical examination and certificate issue.

The validity period of a test or investigation must run concurrently with the validity of the medical examination for certificate issue, and the test validity should not expire more than 45 days in advance of the revalidation medical.

Therefore the test that has ‘extra’ validity beyond the certificate revalidation date but less than the validity of the next certificate being applied for should normally be advanced or brought forward to align.

If the applicant chooses to maintain the validity period of the out of synch investigation / test, then the AME must apply a TML to the medical certificate for a period that covers the remaining validity of the test, then arrange to undertake the test before it expires as a standalone, and then remove the TML.  The same process will apply for all subsequent medicals where the ‘out-of-synch’ situation continues.

Applicants are responsible for any AME fees required to perform the additional activities.